Need To Know Basis

You’ll just have to keep wondering “about” until I figger that part out myself.

All maps posted on this blog are courtesy of Bill Roggio and The Long War Journal unless otherwise specified.

I don’t get paid enough for this…

I reserve the exclusive right to moderate all comments posted on my site, including but not limited to:

•Deleting comments that contain flames or ad hominem attacks against my family or friends. Repeat offenders will be banned by all available means.
•Deleting comments that are off-topic. Comments that are dramatically off-topic or do not contribute to the discussion of the posts (or any discussion that has arisen in the comments) may be deleted.
•Not all posts have comments enabled, and this is intentional. Some posts have comments enabled for a limited time, and then no more comments may be added; this is also intentional. Attempts to use one post to comment on another will be deleted.
•Deleting comments that contain offensive language. Repeated use of abusive and offensive language will be deleted and banned randomly as I see fit.
•Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to these same rules.

“I have not been in a battle; not near one, nor heard one from afar, nor seen the aftermath.”
-John Keegan

Maybe I should update this…

I am not currently a member or employee of the US or any other government. I have never served in any military or law enforcement, any where, ever, nor have I ever claimed such. I am an American and I am Jewish. Not only will I speak my opinions, but often I will speak multiple opinions. I am also a Zionist. Deal with it…

13 Responses to Need To Know Basis

  1. freedom billy says:


    Great blog! Keep on keepin’ on and see you on LGF.


  2. Killian Bundy says:

    Well, seeing as how you left the first comment on my blog and blogrolled me , I’ll return the favor,

    Right now, I’m only brogrolling with permission, anyone who I blogroll wants to be there and I have several requests pending, I’m going after the bid blog fish first.

    /crank up the fonts for those of us with limited eyesight

  3. render64 says:

    You were one of the major inspirations for me opening up this bloglet, how could I not blogroll ya?

    Was it good for you too?


    Font size eh? Lemme poke about until I figure that one out…


  4. Pink Freud says:

    Nice blog, Render. Appreciate your precision and clarity.



  5. render64 says:

    Thanks Pink.


  6. Killian Bundy says:

    You’ve been blogrolled.

  7. render64 says:

    Thanks KB.


  8. realwest says:

    Render, alas I do not have a blog to be able to blogroll you – but I do have a rather extensive e-mail addy book and – given what I percieve to be a rather chilling and frightening most recent post of yours, CYA, I’ll be contacting people all day long tomorrow – there can be strength in numbers.
    Please watch you ass.

  9. Good looking blog, Render. You probably never noticed me, but I am familiar with your posts from LGF. Consider yourself bookmarked, and please feel free to visit my friend Running Bare’s blog ( a laugh now and then.

    I’d invite you to mine, but I’m a loser and I don’t have one. ; )

    capitalist piglet

  10. render64 says:

    Hiya CP! Yes I remember you. I have detailed files (Aahnald Terminator voice). Appreciate the compliment.

    You’re right, RB’s place is amusing in a fishy kinda way. He’s welcome here too.


  11. Hi, Render! The Poster-formerly-known-as-Running-Bear here. Thanks for welcoming me here! I enjoy your writings, and will certainly be here to look in time to time!

  12. If any posters go missing, it was probably me getting hungry. ;)

  13. Michael Ross says:

    I never forget a kindness no matter how large or how small.

    Michael Ross

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