SWATting of Kelly Hallissey Transcripts (redacted)

This past summer somebody tried very hard to have my girlfriend and her two daughters killed by a police SWAT team. It was only sheer blind luck that they were in the car and pulling out of the garage when the SWAT team arrived. Kelly and her daughters had semi-automatic rifles and shotguns pointed directly at them in the driveway of their own home. Kelly was separated from her daughters by heavily armed men and the house was searched.

We patiently kept quiet about that event for quite some time, waiting, hoping, for a break in the investigation. We also, in our spare time, worked very hard on finding out who would have the means, motive, and opportunity to perform such a heinous act against us. We had a very short list of very obvious suspects, including those who had shown some advance knowledge of the event, those who had already threatened and attacked both of us in the very recent past, and those who seemed to know of the event shortly afterwards even though we kept quiet about it.

These are the (redacted) transcripts that Law Enforcement (LE) will allow us to post at this time. LE also retains the first two pages the transcript at this time. We also have the audio recordings of the police radio calls, and of course, the local police case number, both of which LE have asked us to not post publicly (yet).






As the days, then weeks, then months passed, we were able to strike most of the lesser suspects off of the list. Rather then publish our findings regarding this case on small public blogs like this one and/or social media, as so many ignorant people seem to think is the norm, we quietly hand over everything that we find on this case to (real) Law Enforcement investigators.

Unlike the majority of the known SWATting events, the SWATting of Kelly Hallissey was not politically motivated, or a celebrity prank. The SWATting of Kelly Hallissey was personal and it was attempted murder. The SWATters told police that there were armed men and no family adults in the house, guaranteeing that any adult found by police would have police guns pointed at them. The SWATters knew that Kelly’s house had smoked glass windows on the front door, guaranteeing that immediate identification by police would be difficult until the door was actually open.

Because we live in a civilized society I will continue to patiently wait for the long, slow arm of Justice to take it’s course. I will wait years, even decades, if necessary, to see Justice served. But I will see it served and I will never forget or forgive.

In the meantime, I see that someone using the handle “Incognito” has posted on Mike Stack’s moderated CryingWolfBlog that Kelly Hallissey and her daughters somehow “needed” to be SWATted. Usage of the word “needed” is actually rather telling, from a Law Enforcement perspective…

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #1533

It isn’t illegal to say such things. But it is a sign of severe moral failings. It may also be grounds for law enforcement interest. So I suggest and highly recommend to Mike Stack, who approved that post on his own blog, that he not lose the IP and e-mail addresses of the person who posted that comment, and that he quietly forward that information to the relevant authorities post haste.


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