Torches and Pitchforks

So the barely literate e-thug and on line bully William Welna chooses to reveal just how inadequate his command of the English language really is, among his many other inadequacies, moral, and logical failings.


3-Inch Willie – “So, you guys have all been rather familiar with Sabu.”

R – I seriously doubt that anybody reading any of this, from any source, knows Hector (Sabu) Monseguer well enough to claim familiarity with him. His misdeeds are of course, well publicized.


3-Inch Willie – “There has been claims he is still around after he has been outed trying to snitch people out and set them up, well the claims are true.”

R – Really? If those claims are true, then perhaps some evidence, from a valid and reputable source, of Monseguer still being active on line after March 6th, 2012 would be in order? I’m certain that the federal prosecutor would love to have such evidence.


3-Inch Willie – “There is nothing like some good ole entrapment attempts to laugh at.”

R – Strangely I find zero amusement value in the thousands of pages of William Welna fabricating evidence to use against the innocent and not so innocent.


3-Inch Willie – “Sabu contacted me a while after he got outed via FoxNews but FoxNews is FoxNews, biased lying garbage so the issue of anything in it being legit is questionable at best.”

R – So will 3-Inch William Welna be providing evidence of this mythical post-March 6th, 2012 contact with Monseguer? Fox News revealed that Monseguer had been arrested, but it was Welna’s partner in crime Jennifer Emick who publicly revealed Monseguer’s real name and address months prior to that, thereby interfering with an ongoing FBI investigation. Which some sources state the FBI had asked Emick to not do. All news media is biased and sometimes outright lying.


3-Inch Willie – “From many many people I heard similar things of Sabu appearing and hiding under handles, so eventually it did become clear to me he was fishing around for “targets” to snitch on.”

R – Given that Welna, like his partner Emick, has been repeatedly busted for lying, almost nothing that emanates from him should be taken as valid. That being said, it is clear that Monseguer, under FBI direction, was in fact attempting to entrap people between his arrest in June of 2011 and the revelation of that arrest in March of 2012.


3-Inch Willie – “He was actively trying to entrap me and a few others involving some FTP with classified documents on it. I have not looked into it so I can’t honestly say if it is at all true what it contains.”

R – None of which is relevant to the multiple felonies that Welna apparently committed alongside of Monsegeur prior to June of 2011, according to the unedited versions of Welna’s own logs.


3-Inch Willie – “I have to ask this, why is an informant going around throwing out a location to a claimed cache of classified documents concerning SCADA systems?”

R – Perhaps it was nothing more then a prepared honey-trap?


3-Inch Willie – “So this is like a textbook attempt at entrapment, its akin to giving someone a key to a door but telling them its legal to open it with, someone being an informant, to take them down after.”

R – Not at all. It’s offering a suspected criminal the opportunity to repeat his crimes with Federal agents watching and logging. It cannot be that hard to refuse to commit a crime, can it?


3-Inch Willie – “It also does not appear the FBI gives not one fuck about the security of critical infrastructure as long as it entraps another kid. Nothing at all wrong here is there?”

R – Appearances can be, and often are, deceiving, especially when investigating suspected or known criminals. The truth generally appears later in the court transcripts.


3-Inch Willie – “The true criminals that need to be taken down appear to be invincible to prosecution (as long as they setup innocent people to take the falls).”

R – Oddly, both Emick and Welna seem to think they have some sort of immunity from federal prosecution. They do not. Fabrication of evidence is a federal felony.


3-Inch Willie – “I have been a constant victim of this the past few months and I can say that those who work with the feds are more dirty then the kids who don’t deserve years in jail.”

R – Welna is hardly a victim here. He is an online thug and criminal who has repeatedly fabricated evidence against innocent people. He got caught red handed and drunk in the act on May 23, 2012, as documented on this very blog.


3-Inch Willie – “I’m sick of finding constant intel after the fact where actual informants were involved in the ops redirecting kids to pointless, destructive, and illegal activities who didn’t deserve any of this.”

R – It would seem 3-Inch Willie has been reading and re-reading his own fabrications entirely too much.


3-Inch Willie – “It is one thing to go after botnet operators and real criminals but another thing to cause the criminal acts to happen to get some kids.”

R – Some of those logs of Welna’s, and Emick’s own claims, show that Welna himself is, or was, a botnet operator and online criminal.

R – Of course, Emick is no longer affiliated with Backtrace Security (authors of the above image), since she and her husband blatantly attempted to steal ownership of that company from its documented and legal owner.


3-Inch Willie – “The worse part about this situation is the FBI has no real choice but to prosecute these kids because they did, in fact, break the law.”

R – No, the worst part about this is the dozens of innocent victims of Welna’s own crimes, innocent people who committed absolutely no criminal acts whatsoever. It is the FBI’s responsibility to investigate certain criminal acts, such as those that Welna and Emick have apparently and repeatedly committed.


3-Inch Willie – “Now for the less fuck FBI part….”

R – According to the leaked instant messages of Emick’s, both Emick and Welna have an FBI contact. I wonder how he feels about Welna’s “fuck FBI” comment, now that that contact has been made aware of it by the well-passed-his-due-date John Young of Cryptome?


3-Inch Willie – “As for the log releases, they are a product of a psychotic ex-girlfriend conspiring with a few informants.”

R – Actually no. All of those logs, both the originals and the edited versions, were found on some of Welna’s own computer drives. Drives that are currently in the possession of the FBI, where they are undergoing forensic investigation.


3-Inch Willie – “I have not felt to address them because this gives them somehow the air of credibility.”

R – Welna really needs to ponder and consider the implications and ramifications of the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution. But far be it for me to give a rat’s ass how many crimes Welna implicates himself in.


3-Inch Willie – “Why should I address logs that never happened or ones so heavily edited to mean what ever they felt like making it into meaning?”

R – Welna can address those logs now, in public as he has, and he will address those logs later, in a court of law.


3-Inch Willie – “I find it is a waste of time to do so and gives them more material to take out of context, make up, or edit on the spot to create an appearance of a legitimate true reply.”

R – And yet here we are, reading some of the most undereducated drivel to be found on line, from a thug and unindicted (for the moment) criminal, when we can see, through various log dumps, both Welna’s original logs and his edited versions of those very same logs.


3-Inch Willie – “As for them proving anything and going to get me arrested is also false.”

R – That remains to be seen, and is the prerogative of Law Enforcement and the courts to decide.


3-Inch Willie – “Most of the data is tainted, edited, and from extreme biased sources.”

R – Yet Welna himself is the sole and original source of all of those logs.


3-Inch Willie – “If I even did anything illegal I don’t have to worry about it at all now!”

R – Oh yes he does have much to worry about. The Statute of Limitations for those very apparent felonies has quite a long ways to go before it runs out.


3-Inch Willie – “I just combine that with my swatting and it’s case closed pretty much, like icing on a cake.”

R – So the implication here is that Welna will be representing himself in court? A fool for a client. Welna has not been “SWATted”. He made repeated suicidal and homicidal threats to his ex-girlfriend on line, his current on line girlfriend freaked out, and so a welfare check was called in.


3-Inch Willie – “I think that is enough logic to show what it really is, a slander campaign attacking me and everyone around me, it’s really not hard to see this.”

R – There is probably a very good reason why nobody is paying Welna to think, he’s unqualified. There is no logic in what he’s presented to the world thus far, just the acts of an e-thug and troll. It’s only slander if it is untruthful. Those who defend his acts and support him deserve the damage to their reputations.


3-Inch Willie – “As for the credible cry of “They couldn’t have edited and planted all that”, they are not taking into account over 6 months of time to make anything up, in fact, they (exgf and her bf) could have done multiple courses in forensics by now with plenty of time to fabricate anything they want.”

R – Well, now, that is in fact a very credible claim. None of Welna’s victims have the time, or the inclination, to fabricate the thousands of pages of logs spanning over two years that were found on Welna’s own computer drives. Perhaps 3-Inch Willie should invest in a good dictionary before he uses multi-syllable words?


3-Inch Willie – “Should I even mention if they submitted this to the FBI the first thing they would tell them is to do is stfu and not post?”

R – Whose to say that the FBI does not already have all of those logs? I note from above, that the FBI apparently asked Emick to STFU (about Monsegeur), and she did not.


3-Inch Willie – “Did I mention psychotic obsessive tendency? I might, since I feel rather inspired, write the story in detail someday.”

R – Based on his actions over the last two years on line, it would seem safe to say that Welna is something of an expert in psychotic obsessive tendencies. No doubt, if and when convicted, Welna will have plenty of time to fabricate even more stories from his orange jump suit.


3-Inch Willie – “I really did enjoy her downplaying the contacting her exhusband Brandon part.”

R – While I clearly do not have full knowledge of that case, it is my understanding that Welna trolled his ex-girlfriends ex-husband so badly that it resulted in a gunfight between the ex-husband and the now current boyfriend. In other words, 3-Inch Willie was almost an accessory to murder, through his own acts. According to multiple sources, this is not the only time that Welna has trolled another couple into physical violence.


3-Inch Willie – “She failed to mention she and pythorian were having an affair, constantly rubbed it in Brandon’s face, and harassed him until he snapped.”

R – Perhaps it was not mentioned because the only one claiming that there was a prior affair is Welna himself, who was also the only one trolling the ex-husband?


3-Inch Willie – “I wonder if anyone just saw the sudden pattern here? Yeep, it’s harassment and constant fucking with until someone snaps and she is now an innocent a victim.”

R – The only visible patterns thus far in all of this belong entirely to Emick and Welna. Those patterns are already very visible and documented on this very blog. And we’re back to that old “projection” thing here, because harassment and constant fucking with people is exactly what both Emick and Welna do, by their own admissions.


3-Inch Willie – “I hope I’m not a horrible person to point out the case was dropped against Brandon because of all the evidence showing what she did to him.”

R – No, 3-Inch Willie Welna is a horrible person period. There was zero reason for Welna to drop that man’s name in public, or to contact him at all, at any time.


3-Inch Willie – “That case would have never had a jury (even in hell) that would have convict Brandon, case closed.”

R – Had that case gone to court then Welna’s own actions would have been part of the permanent court transcript. Instead, Welna found himself standing alone and penniless on a bridge far from home, begging for a bus ticket.


3-Inch Willie – “I wasn’t contacting Brandon as a death threat as she portrayed but as a witness to some of what I saw and she got me to do.”

R – A moral and ethical person would have logically stayed out of another couple’s domestic issues. Instead, Welna set up at least three people and a small child to potentially be murdered.

3-Inch Willie – “I admit I was a dumb ass, that I did wrong towards him because of her, and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

R – No, 3-Inch Willie, was and still is far more then a simple dumbass. (But please 3-Inch, do take full legal responsibility for *all* of your very many crimes. It will make prosecution that much easier, quicker, and cheaper on the taxpayers.)


3-Inch Willie – “I have no excuses.”

R – He never did, and he never will.


3-Inch Willie – “Now, After this gets posted, watch my mentions and see how I am attacked by the FBI Informants(and those who believe them)trying to turn everyone against me with bullshit.”

R – Now why would Jennifer Emick, who has repeatedly claimed to work with the FBI, attack the very e-thug and on line bully whom she has invested so much time and reputation in defending?


3-Inch (photoshopped) Willie – “Suck My Balls, William Welna (@Sanguinarious)”

R – Any “man-child” who has to photoshop his own penis in order to get attention from on line girls should probably just stick to goats…minus the repeated faked and threatened suicides.

R – Don’t just go away 3-Inch…


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