ReaperSec – Shooting Blanks

SonarGuy is a leading member of the very small ReaperSec group, whose IRC channels were used to plan and conduct multiple attacks on The Jester, Tom Ryan, myself, and Kelly Hallissey, among many others. This is a response to a blogpost that he put up on his own blog.


SonarGuy – “On Twitter we are reminded daily that ignorance is everywhere.”

R – That would be a statement of fact.


SonarGuy – “Many of us remember our middle and high school experiences, we know that unapologetic cruelty is part of humanity’s course.”

R – We hardly need middle and high school to teach us what is contained in every single history book of mans interaction with his fellow man.


SonarGuy – “Someone will always divulge information that isn’t theirs to put critical focus on an individual without any regard for who they could be hurting.”

R – Such things seem to have been happening on the ReaperSec IRC for quite some time now. Perhaps you didn’t notice it at the end of last May? (actually, according to those logs, you seemed to find some sort of amusement in it all, Lurch. Not so damned amusing now, is it?)


SonarGuy – “But even armed with that knowledge, it’s still surprising when supposed “adults” openly ridicule others, when they ignore the civil requests of those persons to refrain, and when they are fully aware of how hurtful they’re being.”

R – You, and your fellow ReaperSec members, and your IRC friends, were asked politely to refrain last May. Instead you doubled down on your ignorance and continued your attacks. On May 23rd any further pretense of politeness came to an end, and you have nobody to blame for that but yourselves.


SonarGuy – “Of course I am referenecing the ongoing twitter battle being waged by @AsherahResearch and @Bitchiest.”

R – Of course you are. But you seem to have left a crucial third name out of that sentence, haven’t you? William Welna. Actually, you seem to have left quite a few names out of your entire attempt to distance yourself from the vipers that you nursed in your IRC channels, and in ReaperSec itself.


SonarGuy – “This saga has been playing out before our eyes on twitter now for several months. Like many of you I am really tired of this bantering back and forth along with the slanderous tweets from both sides.”

R – Yes, it has. I don’t remember you being “tired” last May when your IRC was used to host numerous slanders, libels, and outright attacks against numerous people.


SonarGuy – “To date I still am not certain as to what triggered this twitter war or maybe it has been going on so long I just don’t care at this point.”

R – Oh yes you do know what triggered this war, your nic (Lurch) is right there in those logs. I think you do care, about the reputation of ReaperSec, and yourself, or you wouldn’t have bothered to write this little letter of complaint, four months later.


SonarGuy – “The personal attacks, inflammatory remarks, and general trolling have gotten well out of hand at this point and are no longer just trolling.”

R – Funny, we thought the exact same thing this past May. When the results of our asking a private question in a phone call were twisted into words that we never said, and were followed with a campaign of harassment, stalking, and other attacks, not just on us, but on many of our friends and family members.


SonarGuy – “Many of the tweets have become hateful and just down right out of control.”

R – Yeah, I tend to get extremely hateful when some fail doxing troll, hosted on the ReaperSec IRC, attacks my mother. But I never lose control…


SonarGuy – “Numerous twitter followers on both sides of the fence have commented that this saga could be turned into a soap opera.”

R – Not really. That complaint seems to stem almost entirely from within the small handful of people who still support or defend Jennifer Emick, who still defends William Welna.


SonarGuy – “I disagree as it has grown so tiresome that if it were indeed a soap it would have been cancelled by the network at this point.”

R – You (ReaperSec) were asked very politely to remove Emick and Welna from your IRC, after you had already banned Kelly Hallissey (for defending me). You were politely warned that your reputations would likely be damaged for your support and defense of Emick and Welna. You made the decision to continue to host the two of them, at your own cost.


SonarGuy – “I think it is nearing if not past the point where these two alleged “adults” should stop the e-peen measuring contest.”

R – It’s not like you didn’t have and were not offered multiple opportunities to divest yourself of the pathological interstate stalker and her psychopathic partner in crime.


SonarGuy -“Step away from the computer and focus on what really matters “LIFE”. “

R – I was silent for the entire first week of last June. I watched on Twitter, and on ReaperSec IRC, as my reputation was dragged through the mud by people entirely ignorant of what they were talking about. I saw the ReaperSec IRC used as an HQ for repeated attacks on my family and friends. I have all of those logs, all of them.


SonarGuy – “All of these 1′s and 0′s flying back and forth across the wires we call the internet are supposed to be a diversion.”

R – Not really. Perhaps you need a refresher course in what the Internet is, and what it was intended for?


SonarGuy – “The internet is not meant to be a replacement for family/human interactions.”

R – No kidding. You’ll note, that unlike the stalkers and trolls that you harbored, we have lives outside of the Internet. It was your pet vipers that went after our families, in real life.


SonarGuy – “It is meant to be a distraction from reality when it is needed.”

R – No, it is not. Again, refresh your knowledge about what the Internet is and what it was intended for.


SonarGuy – “In an information age when individuals are willing to engage the public, in 140 characters or less, and allow us access that would have been not been available years ago, shouldn’t we all show our appreciation, for whatever openness they afford, by being respectful and keeping any criticism we may have constructive and above board?”

R – I wrote a blog post, in favor of the Jester. I saw zero constructive or above board criticism regarding that blog post from anybody on the ReaperSec IRC. Instead I saw a constantly escalating string of lies, attacks, and direct threats to myself and family.

R – When I wrote that post, I fully expected to be attacked by Anonymous and its supporters. I did not expect to be repeatedly attacked by people who claim to be white hats, or prosec, or even on the same side as Law Enforcement and the US military. I certainly didn’t expect those very same people to openly and repeatedly attack and threaten my family, from within the ReaperSec IRC.



Update for SonarGuy…

Bratty has been G-Lined from ReaperSec since May 25th and still is as of last night. So fair and impartial by your standards would seem to mean that I should wait about three months before I unmoderate your comment? That was rather interesting creative editing of that ihazcandy log snippet that you did there, especially since you also posted the link to the entire log (which I’ve had for quite some time now). A log that shows your pet vipers, from your IRC, openly and repeatedly attacking numerous people. This was mentioned at the very top of this post, is there perhaps a reason why you did not address or mention those vipers and their numerous attacks?


Update #2 for SonarGuy…

SonarGuy: “Hmm, Maybe if you or Kelly had paid a little more attention to detail when logging on to the ReaperSec IRC server you would have noticed this in the MOTD:
* – ——– Disclaimer ———————————————–
* – This server, its staff and the people hosting it are *NOT*
* – responsible for the content that passes through this server.
* – Use of this server is a *privilege* which may be removed at
* – any time and for any reason by the server operators.
Been there since day one.”

R – I’ve never been on any IRC in my life. Nor is legal judgment up to me. However ReaperSec is just as morally responsible for the actions and comments of its denizens as, for example, the Guardian news site is, or perhaps Stormfront, or perhaps any number of credit card fraud websites, all of which feature similar disclaimers. All that feces that passed through those ReaperSec logs did so under the eyes of ReaperSecs own chosen Ops/moderators, at least some of whom happily pitched in with dispensing that feces.


SonarGuy: “Also since you addressed your blog at me, specifically:”

R – Well, yeah, I was addressing your blog post.


SonarGuy – “I figured you wanted my responses. I am not going to defend anybody in this situation as it takes more than one person to have an internet dispute.”

R – I don’t mind your responses, you, speaking for ReaperSec, have much to answer for, and its long past time those answers were forthcoming. Given that much of what happened initially occurred on your moderated IRC, you might want to re-consider your lack of defense. After all, isn’t that one of the many things that you hold against Jester?


SonarGuy – “As I stated in my blog, both sides of the dispute are guilty in this case.”

R – Bullfuckingshit. And I’m being as polite as I can possibly be when I say that.


SonarGuy – “Also the “my pet vipers” as you so fondly like to call them are not ReaperSec. They are users of the ReaperSec IRC that was stood up.”

R – Uh-huh. They were housed on your IRC and defended by your chosen Ops/Moderators. Your chosen Ops/Moderators banned those who stood up to the two of them. Ergo…


SonarGuy – “Calling them “my pet vipers”, is a akin to saying that the manufacturer of the gun used in Aurora, CO is a murderer since they made the weapon! Again see the disclaimer above from the ReaperSec MOTD.”

R – I’m sorry, but those two, Emick and Welna, are not inanimate objects, incapable of malice aforethought. They are human beings, albeit severally twisted human beings, but nonetheless.


SonarGuy – “Again, Please have a nice day!”

R – Again, I’m having a wonderful day, how about you?


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