Because I Can…

…and because it is so very richly deserved…

Compare and contrast with the following…

In this Pastebin link from July 9th, pay special attention to the following timestamps…


…As Asherah helps to fail dox, stalk, harass, and intimidate yet another innocent victim (eight just in the last three months by my count). Note that Asherah also mentions Tom Ryan, somebody else that she has repeatedly stalked and harassed for almost a year now, going so far as to hide behind a plant and surreptitiously shoot video of Mr. Ryan at last years DEFCON.

Video which she then used in an attempt to intimidate Mr. Ryan (who doesn’t accept such attempts any more then Kelly or I do).

This is a long standing pattern of interstate stalking, harassment, lies, and intimidation. Those who defend her in these acts, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of her behavior will, at the very least, see their own reputations tarnished.

I have almost a thousand of these screen shots now. I also have thousands of pages of IRC logs, all of which came from people who have had enough of the harassment, interstate stalking, and intimidation attempts of Jennifer Emick AKA Asherah (and her long time partner William Welna). I could make this post twice as long as the last one, or I could spend the next six months to a year dedicating this bloglet to nothing but documenting the lies, hypocrisy, and rampant projection of a pair of e-thugs and those who support and defend them.

Maybe I will do just that. Because I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that no matter what Asherah and her cronies claim, neither Kelly nor I have committed any crimes, online or off.

I know that, assuming the above isn’t yet another of Asherah’s multitude of lies, filing a false report to federal authorities is a (yet another) felony. I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Kelly and I will still be here, online and in real life.

…and we know exactly who it was that filed said false reports, again, assuming those reports were even made.


The Internet is tired of your very long pattern of e-thuggery Asherah and Welna. It’s long past time for you to find another hobby. You say we only have seven supporters? Every single person that you two fail doxed as the Jester, or trolled by posting nude photos of teenage girls and stealing internet accounts, has a family and friends, and every one of them is sick and tired of your act. Thousands of them Asherah, from all sides, all quietly cheering us on.

You and your long time partner William Welna fail doxed me as the Jester and targeted my mother. I will see you both in court, in the defendants seat. That’s not a threat, or a promise, it is both a vow and a statement of fact.



Updating for the benefit of Sam Bowne (“ethical” hacker): Obsessive interstate stalkers who intentionally and with malice aforethought place my family in great danger, repeatedly falsely accuse me of criminal acts, and hang out with people who have issued death threats directly to me, will have their own criminal acts documented by any and all means necessary for the benefit of law enforcement.

More personally, Mr. Bowne, the well documented obsessive stalker freak (that this post is about) is correct to remind you of the events concerning ArtbyAlida. You should remember them, after all, at that time you seemed to find Alida’s repeated fail doxings of innocent people to be a source of amusement, didn’t you? It takes around five minutes per day to scan the stalkers timeline, and around 3.2 seconds to take a screen shot of each of the relevant tweets, using FireshotPro. Asherah and her criminal partner were blocked at the end of last May when they first made their criminal accusations and got caught red-handed in the act of stalking. This is the second time that you’ve openly defended an online stalker Sam, perhaps you could explain the ethics of that? Thanks for the link, it garnered just five hits, out of over 400.

Once more, for the permanent record, I am NOT The Jester, nor have I ever claimed or otherwise implied such at any time, any where, ever. Any accusation of such is a lie.

2 Responses to Because I Can…

  1. mrpaulrevere says:

    Thanks for the heads up champ. I know who my friends are. This rotten onion demands more attention unfortunately.

  2. Obsession « says:

    […] with in a 50 page monster of a post. A slightly shorter scroll will show just a tiny few of Emick’s very many contradictions and lies exposed (and I think that another, or several such are somewhat overdue). . Emick – “Many of his stunts […]


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