The Misinterpretation of Silence and its Disastrous Consequences

A Brief Introduction

After hearing a lot of “you two need to stop fighting because you’re both hurting the cause” type of nonsense, I need to do a brief synopsis of why and how we got involved in this mess. For starters, neither of us, Render64 nor I, can ever be considered on Emick’s team. We’re neither criminals nor craving e-fame. That said…

I’ve had 2 phone conversations with Emick, 1 with Render64 openly on the line, and several with Welna, including a conference call involving rjacksix & Render64, and another conversation where Render was on the line but silent & unknown to Welna. During one of these phone conversations Emick stated that she was an “FBI Consultant” and would say she was “unable to comment” on numerous items as it “may impede an ongoing law enforcement” investigation.

For the record, Emick is not an FBI Consultant/Contractor & her application to be a snitch was denied due to her inability to get any valid credible ACCURATE information. See Namshub for proof of that.

As for William Welna, we all felt that he was lying, playing games, and in need of counseling and for his sake, we hope he gets it.

Below is her REAL problem with me, forget all of her nonsense about Render64’s blogpost re: TheJester. It all comes down to e-fame.

The Sabu mess….

I put up a pastebin (See about this already but I will briefly state this yet again. Emick did not dox Sabu first. He was doxed years ago, again in 2010 by myself & my friends on Efnet, and in early 2011 by Render64. We told Emick on March 6th 2012 that we would let her have the e-fame for it as none of us wanted the attention. That worked until Emick decided to try to settle an old score with Laurelai by telling various reporters that Laurelai had given her the dox. We have now answered those reporters’ inquiries with substantial proof validating the time of the CORRECT doxing of Sabu.

Finally, from both Render64 and I, our apologies for taking so long in putting up a response to Emick’s fabricated nonsense. We both work long hours in full time employment and in addition to that, I am a single mother who chooses to shuttle my teenager around to sitting on the Internet and waste hours of my life dealing with people who need to take their prescribed medication and STFU.

BUT! For the LULZ & the pursuit of truth, we present you with our response below! Total time spent on this little project equals about 8 hours combined.

For those not interested in the 30 something pages below we have written this lovely lil tl;dr for ya:

1: Kelly does not own Staminus.
2: Kelly does not work for Staminus.
3: Kelly does not DDoS OR dos.
4: Kelly has a vile temper when provoked (Irish/Italian DUR!)
5: Render64 is not The Jester
6: Render64 was doxed by Emick & Velma err Welna (*wink*)
7: Welna/Sanguinarious needs to up his psychotropic’s dosage.
8: Welna needs to step down off of his mothers 5 inch heels back into reality.
9: AsherahResearch needs to lay off the witch’s brew & spend SERIOUS time offline, hopefully in a shrinks office.
10: Got proof of any of your allegations? No you don’t. SO then STFU & GTFO.

That sums it all up very nicely. For those that want the long story with pictures & unedited logs you can keep reading at your own risk! MUAHAHAHAHA!


Bitchiest aka Bratty with Render64


“This is not something I wanted to spend a lot of time on, but it became necessary.”

Given Emick’s history of disrupting Internet communities over the last decade (See the top 3 examples we found: circa 2006 AND circa 2009-present AND of course her well publicized split with Anonymous), one might be forgiven for thinking that she’s well used to spending that kind of time. However, even we will agree that spending close to 48 hours straight Tweeting on this topic to both of us WAS a little over the top, not to mention the 3 weeks that it took Emick’s “team” to come up with this so-called release. (Btw how do you stay up that long without drugs at her age?)

“I first encountered Kelly on Twitter, where she castigated me for calling her friend Kayla a sociopath.”

Websters defines “castigate” as to reprimand someone severally. What Kelly asked was if Emick “had a degree in psychiatry?” to what seemed to be an obvious troll attack on Kayla. (Kelly didn’t know Kayla either but she recognized a troll attack when she saw one!) This appears to be a legitimate question as Emick seems to diagnose almost anyone who disagrees with her with a mental illness. Do you think she may project her own issues much? And Emick, asking a question is hardly a severe reprimand. Perhaps the next time Emick Googles words to use, she should read the definitions completely.

“I started getting friendly messages from her after she and Sabu got in some sort of dust-up and stopped speaking.”

Kelly and Sabu were only speaking because Sabu was well aware that Kelly already knew his true identity as she had been taunting him. (See one example here: ) At no point were they ever friends no matter how it was portrayed on Twitter or IRC. Sabu went as far as to even offer her positions within Lulzsec, exclusive interviews with Anonymous to restart her website with, and then resorted to hitting on her to keep her quiet that he was indeed Hector Xavier Monsegur. Kelly’s logs show this and how she was simply Social Engineering him. There were also people who were involved in the doxing of Sabu in 2010 who were aware that she was screwing with him on AIM & Twitter as well, they all got quite the laugh out of it.

Emick only received friendly messages from Kelly because Render64 told Kelly that Emick could be trusted and that they may be able to support/assist each other as they appeared to be on the same side of the Sabu issue. Kelly felt from the word go that neither Emick nor Welna were trustworthy.

“A few people warned me of her nature, but I like to make my own judgments, so I left my guard up, but gave her some benefit of the doubt.”

This is self-serving hearsay, but to give the devil her due, Kelly is a mean bitch when you piss her off. She will be the first person to tell you she can be your best friend or your worst enemy and that the choice is yours as to which she will be. (Looks like Welna & Emick made the wrong choice there! ZOINKS!)

“As she and her boyfriend Jesse (Render64) rarely spoke to me except to ask me for information, it wasn’t much of an issue.”

In such an exchange of information there is supposed to be a form of quid pro quo. Emick very rarely gave any information, and when she did it was usually wrong. Just as wrong as much of the original Backtrace Security Namshub release information was wrong. That file has now been publicly and legally revealed to be almost completely incorrect. Simply Google the handles raided and compare them to those in the Namshub release for “proof”.

However, some parts of that release may not have been wrong. That section would be where William Welna (as Azazel) is touted as being a botnet operator for the real Gregg Housh. Given Welna’s history on Efnet as part owner/administrator for a shell company, Paralox, which was well known for housing DDoS kiddies, DDoSsing, and scamming the customers for their money by collecting up a years fees before both the owner and SanguineRose disappeared leaving their customers high and dry? Yes, this was probably on the short list of items in that file that was correct. It should probably be mentioned at this point that this company that Welna was involved in was hosted at Staminus along with his own personal domain, but more on that when we get to the multiple Staminus accusations and libel that arise later in this screed of Emick’s. (Sorry Velma err Welna but most of this articles devoted to Emick, but don’t worry, we will do one on you next!)

“I was aware that in June, after Sabu’s arrest, Kelly posted a PDF containing Sabu’s SSN and other material, and passed this to reporters, with the odd claim someone had given it to me after mistaking me for Gregg Housh.”

The PDF was posted by a 3rd party in March 2012, not by Kelly, and does NOT contain Sabu’s SSN. It does however contain his dead grandfathers SSN which is quite legal. If Emick was aware in June of 2011 that Sabu had already been arrested, then why was she still hunting for him 6 months later, including repeatedly confronting the innocent Hugo Carvello on Twitter? It would seem that Emick was knowingly interfering with an ongoing law enforcement investigation if she actually knew he had already been raided. Kelly, however, never contacted Hugo and her only public tweets on this topic were that there was just ONE set of dox on Sabu posted online were correct but that he was not Hugo. (Part of her ongoing torment of Sabu “I know who you really are”) Render64 did make ONE Twitter comment to poor Hugo which was to point out that there is an FBI office in Madrid (where Hugo could clear his name in a matter of minutes).

Emick did not know in June 2011 Sabu had been arrested, it wasn’t until late December of 2011, when Render64 quietly told her of a solid rumor alluding to such. (There’s that one way transfer of information again!) Hugo’s Twitter TL is still intact and available, and shows that more people then just Jester and Sabu owe him an apology. If Emick did know that Sabu had been arrested, yet she continued to harass the FBI’s little Puerto Rican honey trap right up to March 6th 2012, that would mean she was knowingly interfering with an FBI investigation for nine months.

Render64 was also the one that informed Kelly that the nic “FakeGreggHoush” was not the real Gregg Housh/wizy, but was in fact, a parody nic created by Emick meant to inflame the real Gregg Housh. (Harassment much?) We’re reasonably certain that others, on both side of the line, made that same mistake regarding “FakeGregg” during 2011. Kelly has never published the full contents of her Sabu file in public because he was one of several people in the document, pieces of it have appeared in public though. Public posting of peoples dox, whether innocent or guilty, is something that Jen, and her new partner William Welna, do on a regular basis, as a form of intimidation and threat. (Note her repeatedly referring to Render as Jesse in her dribble.)

“It was silly, and easily disproven, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. If this was any major issue, I would have confronted her in June, but it was inconsequential.”

Really Emick? How easily disproven was it? Given how much time & effort you spent trying to hide that you, Jen Emick were the real owner of the FakeGreggHoush nic? In fact, it wasn’t until the members of Anonymous doxed FakeGreggHoush as Emick at some point in early 2011 that ANYONE except for Hubris, the other 2 partners in BacktraceSecurity, plus Gregg Housh, & Welna knew that it was NOT Gregg Housh. (See ) Again Emick implies that she knew in June of 2011 that Sabu had already been arrested, yet she continued to publicly hunt Sabu until March 6th of 2012. If doxing Sabu in public was inconsequential, then why hide behind the FakeGreggHoush nic? Clearly Emick did not think that doxing Sabu in public would be without consequences from the rest of Anonymous, or did she? (See: )

“My major disagreement with Kelly came after she and Jesse quite deliberately tried to frame some folks who were exposing some of “th3j35t3r’s” claims as false.”

This is an utter fabrication and distortion of the contents of a three party call that took place on May 16th, 2011 between Emick, Render64, and Kelly. We have reason to believe that her partner, William Welna, may have had some connection and/or information concerning Doxbin, whom we were looking at in regards to Mach2600’s dox being given to Jihadis. (Which btw was just a troll they were never sent Mach2600’s dox.) That Amok err Emick, her partner Welna, and ShadowDXS happen to be pathologically intent on exposing the Jester in any way possible, whether rightly or wrongly, was irrelevant to our side of that conversation, then or now. What exactly were we framing them for again? Generally being a dumbass? We believe they both did a damned fine job of that themselves.

“They both swore to me that they had seen a vehicle report that proved that a truck posted by an anti-Jester troll called Cubespherical (John Tiessen) belonged to a Twitter troll that they averred was part of a large anti-Jester conspiracy. It was ridiculous, so I didn’t push it.”

Again, this is a flat out lie. Neither of us swore to any such nonsense, we were both already aware that the truck VIN belonging to ShadowDXS was a joke, made by Kelly and Tom Ryan, playing off of CubeSpherical’s fail doxing. Kelly did run that VIN via a site she pays for, but it does not show history just current ownership. Neither of us claimed to have seen the results of any such historical information, because neither of us has access to any database containing such historical data. (a CarFax report does not list the previous owners by name or house address, by law). That particular anti-Jester conspiracy, such as it is, isn’t all that large at all, unless one is taking into account the body weight of several of its members. (Keep eating those Twinkies folks!) It has never been any secret that Jen Emick, William Welna, and ShadowDXS are all very much anti-Jester and are all considerably conspiratorial in nature and in well documented actions. Emick’s version of not “pushing it” was to immediately claim the below to Welna…

“They further averred that two individual members of the reapersec irc were the same person, and that they were both involved with Doxbin, despite this being easily dis-proven.”

We said no such thing then, or ever. We were quite clear at that time, that although we had heard that rumor, that we were already quite convinced that they were very much three very different people (if nothing else, Nachash/Doxbin is considerably more intelligent then Emick, Welna, and ShadowDXS, combined).

We were quite clear when Render mentioned in that May 16th phone call that what the Jester was alluding to in his brief foray into ReaperSec’s own IRC was not that they (Welna and ShadowDXS) were the exact same person, but that it seemed to us that he thought that they were only the same personality-wise. Given that both Welna and ShadowDXS are self-professed trolls, with a long and demonstrable pathological obsession for the Jester, that seems an easy conclusion for anyone to draw. Nor is it a new conclusion for Jester to make about those two individuals, regarding the Cubespherical events.

As events have since shown, Welna does indeed have a connection or two to Nachash of Doxbin and ED, that pre-dates these events by quite some time. See also attached screenshot of Welna as a registered editor on ED, dropping the nudes of an underage young girl to harass her after she dumped him for another onliner. (HEY @Talkoholic you should pay mind to this link.)

“A day later, the two of them resumed tweeting about the incident, and played the VIN report off as a joke.”

Render never tweeted anything about the truck incident at the time, but he did retweet one of rjacksix’s responses to the incident, after the fact. All of those who had been directly involved in the Twitter joke in question deleted almost all of their tweets on the subject to protect ShadowDXS. Kelly wasn’t playing, we never saw any VIN report on that truck that included previous owners, only that some other people, as part of that joke, had claimed such

“I confronted Kelly privately, and she claimed to have been distracted, and refused to address her previous accusations, despite the damage they may have caused.”

Kelly’s phone records show just two calls to Emick, both on 5/16/2012. Is there a log or some other verifiable proof of this post 5/16 private confrontation taking place in another communication medium? (we think there is) Why would Emick refuse to quietly answer our earlier question about Welna’s connections to Doxbin in this private confrontation? And yes Kelly WAS distracted on the 5/16 conference call as she was doing reports for work and taking care of her daughter while primarily Render64 and Emick spoke.

“Neither of them ever addressed the issue.”

Probably because neither of us considered it to be an issue at all, especially after all concerned, and on all sides, had already deleted their tweets. Kelly even apologized to Branndon because him being th3j35t3r was a joke that she started on IRC, and then repeated on Twitter with a “hold my beer & watch this” comment on IRC about how ShadowDXS was really J (May 16).

[09:06] ShadowDXS hi Bratty
[09:06] ShadowDXS i red twitter
[09:06] ShadowDXS read*
[09:06] ShadowDXS then i tweeted
[09:06] ShadowDXS umad?
01[09:06] Bratty im sobbing laughing
01[09:07] Bratty lets get alla twitter going
01[09:07] Bratty thinking YOU are really J ;D
[09:07] ShadowDXS lmao
[09:07] ShadowDXS SHH
[09:07] ShadowDXS people will rage
[09:07] ShadowDXS if you do that

log link of #graveyard here.

Notice ShadowDXS & Kelly laughing about how people were falling for it along with most of the rest of the channel.

“Instead, Jesse wrote an essay denouncing anyone who exposes th3j35t3r’s fibs as a traitor, and the two of them began a systematic whisper campaign against anyone who spoke up.”

That was written on May 19th and had absolutely nothing to do with ShadowDXS. It remains up, right here on Render64’s blog, unedited from the day that it was posted. While Render freely admits that the hypothetical what-if at the end could have been worded better, it seems quite clear that his phrase, “It wouldn’t rise to the occasion of outright treason…” cannot be twisted into meaning the exact opposite of its intent. Words have meaning; “wouldn’t” in this case clearly means would not. Render did have numerous conversations with people about his blogpost but Welna & Emick were not discussed in it nor were any of the normal anti-Jester people by name. Render discussing his blogpost does not a whisper campaign make.

“I was accused of being a child molester, the victim of a molester, a child abuser, of threatening/doxing Kelly/Jesse’s families…”

That didn’t take place until May 24th. Unbeknownst to the aforementioned geniuses, Render checked his blog stats closely on the nights of May 19th through 21st, and started to see rather odd hits come through via the WayBackMachine. Then Render64 received this email early on May 22nd stating that he was going to be outed next as the Jester. Combine that with Kelly having seen someone mention the possibility of it on ReaperSec’s IRCd and they both knew what was coming next.

Although Render’s complete dox were NOT entirely dropped publicly on Twitter or Pastebin by Welna & Emick, they did drop them on the ReaperSec IRCd. This caused people like Nakomis/CaseyG to immediately start tweeting Render’s real name to him on Twitter. Then again on Twitter, Welna posted up cryptic comments about Render’s elderly mothers company, pictures from her advertisements with veiled references to Render, along with other snide comments about how Render was both The Jester AND a cripple (he is neither).

By the time Emick messaged Kelly on 5/24/12, Kelly was pissed. Once again people were attacking “innocents” by doxing them as th3j35t3r.

Emick vs Kelly May24th-25th log follow…

Session Start: Thu May 24 22:12:35 2012
Session Ident: asherah
[22:10] [asherah] We have you and Render your time is up
01[22:12] [Bratty] yer a lying fucking cunt
01[22:12] [Bratty] anything ive said about your sick ass was public
01[22:12] [Bratty] theres been no smear campaign delusional bitch
[22:13] [asherah] bullshit, dear
[22:13] [asherah] for the record
01[22:13] [Bratty] the file was empty per J
[22:13] [asherah] I have never been molested by anyone
[22:13] [asherah] altho I may or may not be a “cuntrag”
01[22:13] [Bratty] you are
01[22:13] [Bratty] you are also a fucking efame whore
01[22:13] [Bratty] molest your kids often bitch?
[22:13] [asherah] And you dear, are a lying smear artist
[22:13] [asherah] nice one
[22:14] [asherah] very mature
01[22:14] [Bratty] obviously you dont get out much
01[22:14] [Bratty] why dont you go for a nice long walk
01[22:14] [Bratty] preferably off a steep cliff
01[22:14] [Bratty] :d
[22:14] [asherah] I walk evey day, hone
01[22:14] [Bratty] do your kids a favor
[22:14] [asherah] see my pics
01[22:14] [Bratty] exit their life
01[22:14] [Bratty] perm
[22:14] [asherah] That won’t make you any less of liar
[22:15] [asherah] My kids at least are a damn sight more mature than you will ever be.
01[22:15] [Bratty] 90 different people dont even CARE about you
[22:15] [asherah] True
01[22:15] [Bratty] let alone fucking tell you someones fucking with you
[22:15] [asherah] But they all have one thing in common
[22:15] [asherah] They *really* don’t like you
01[22:15] [Bratty] lol
01[22:15] [Bratty] most of those that dont like me aren’t on twitter
01[22:16] [Bratty] or even online anymore
[22:16] [asherah] You’d be amazed
01[22:16] [Bratty] they “disappeared” just like everyone else I dont like
[22:16] [asherah] That does not appear to be the case
06[22:16] * Bratty smiles sweetly
01[22:16] [Bratty] be careful jen
[22:16] [asherah] And that is the saddest, most pathetic thing I have ever heard
[22:16] [asherah] are you that small?
01[22:16] [Bratty] Ive got a lot of power and Im not afraid to unleash it if you actually irritate me
[22:16] [asherah] You are not even in my top ten list of people to be afraid of
01[22:16] [Bratty] you knew the file was empty
01[22:17] [Bratty] yet you keep pushing that renders jester
[22:17] [asherah] Power on efnet
01[22:17] [Bratty] knowing its a lie
[22:17] [asherah] is not the same as actual power
[22:17] [asherah] It was not a lie
01[22:17] [Bratty] whose talking about efnet?
01[22:17] [Bratty] it IS a lie
[22:17] [asherah] And you opened it
01[22:17] [Bratty] the pix on renders blog?
01[22:17] [Bratty] isn’t his truck
[22:17] [asherah] But that was only confirmation of much that has been collected
01[22:17] [Bratty] err twitter
01[22:17] [Bratty] its another of the same model
[22:17] [asherah] It’s parked at his mother’s business
[22:17] [asherah] tell another obvious one
[22:18] [asherah] please
01[22:18] [Bratty] and what are you going to do to that ladys business?
[22:18] [asherah] Nothin
01[22:18] [Bratty] really?
[22:18] [asherah] Unlike you
[22:18] [asherah] I am not a retarded child
01[22:18] [Bratty] so you had nothing to do with what happened there today right?
[22:18] [asherah] I do not make empty ridiculous threats on the internet
[22:18] [asherah] No, i did not
[22:19] [asherah] I simply confronted your evry obvious lies
01[22:19] [Bratty] oh but you DO know what happened there today
01[22:19] [Bratty] that makes you an accessory
[22:19] [asherah] Accessory to what, sending you a picture?
01[22:20] [Bratty] telling a bunch of fucking lunatics that render is jester
[22:20] [asherah] That’s not a crime
[22:20] [asherah] Especially as it’s true
01[22:20] [Bratty] and then this ladys address
01[22:20] [Bratty] its not true
01[22:20] [Bratty] its harassment
01[22:20] [Bratty] stalking
[22:20] [asherah] What about the lady’s address?
01[22:20] [Bratty] and someone got 60 years for it
[22:20] [asherah] That’s not been revealed
01[22:20] [Bratty] google it
[22:20] [asherah] Nobody is stalking or harassing anyone
01[22:20] [Bratty] it was revealed with the links you guys tweeted of her site
01[22:20] [Bratty] really?
[22:21] [asherah] In fact, you are the one making outlandish threats and spreading libel
01[22:21] [Bratty] thats why the police were there today?
[22:21] [asherah] I did npt tweet any links to her site
01[22:21] [Bratty] you were involved in it
[22:21] [asherah] That’s bullshit, kelly
01[22:21] [Bratty] and this is a hatched plan of yours and sangs
01[22:21] [Bratty] which makes it a conspiracy
01[22:21] [Bratty] now
[22:21] [asherah] Nope
01[22:21] [Bratty] the reports been filed
[22:21] [asherah] Does this stuff work, ever?
01[22:21] [Bratty] your dox were given to them
01[22:21] [Bratty] as were sangs REAL dox
[22:22] [asherah] You know I’m not one of your teenage dos skiddies, right?
[22:22] [asherah] That’s nice
01[22:22] [Bratty] I know you are a mentally ill bitch
[22:22] [asherah] false reporting
[22:22] [asherah] that IS a crime
01[22:22] [Bratty] no false report
[22:22] [asherah] Of course it was a false report
01[22:22] [Bratty] someone slashed all her tires today
[22:22] [asherah] Baloney
01[22:22] [Bratty] wonder how that happened
[22:23] [asherah] It didn’t
[22:23] [asherah] that’s the simple answer
01[22:23] [Bratty] were YOU there?
01[22:23] [Bratty] no
[22:23] [asherah] You’re a very sad, small person kelly
01[22:23] [Bratty] a 70 yr old women was though
01[22:23] [Bratty] and she couldn’t go to the dr
01[22:23] [Bratty] becuz she was filing police reports
[22:23] [asherah] Uh huh
01[22:23] [Bratty] about some sick bitch on the internet
01[22:23] [Bratty] working with some skiddie
01[22:23] [Bratty] harassing her
[22:23] [asherah] You work with Skiddies
[22:24] [asherah] I don’t
01[22:24] [Bratty] sangs a skiddie
[22:24] [asherah] And you might consider spending less time spreading gossip and fantasies
01[22:24] [Bratty] and you are working with him
01[22:24] [Bratty] perhaps you should shut your fucking whore mouth
[22:24] [asherah] and more time dealing with the upcoming situation.
01[22:24] [Bratty] and go away
[22:24] [asherah] Do I strike you as someone who scares easily?
[22:24] [asherah] Or, at all?
01[22:25] [Bratty] you strike me as a petty woman
01[22:25] [Bratty] who needs a life.
[22:25] [asherah] I think you need to adjust your mirror, girl
01[22:26] [Bratty] you know renders not jester
01[22:26] [Bratty] the file was empty you dumb bitch
01[22:26] [Bratty] and you caused some little old lady
01[22:26] [Bratty] to get her tires slashed
[22:26] [asherah] I think it’s blindingly obvious he is.
01[22:26] [Bratty] arent you just great
01[22:26] [Bratty] how so?
[22:26] [asherah] And nothing I said caused anyone to get their tires slashed.
01[22:26] [Bratty] what proof do YOU have
01[22:26] [Bratty] every time youve said hes the jester?
[22:26] [asherah] You’ll have to wait
01[22:26] [Bratty] you helped
01[22:27] [Bratty] no i wont
01[22:27] [Bratty] theres no proof
[22:27] [asherah] That excuse is no longer valid.
01[22:27] [Bratty] just what sang & you manufacture
[22:27] [asherah] There is, and you will
[22:27] [asherah] You have no choice
01[22:27] [Bratty] in the eyes of the law?
01[22:27] [Bratty] it is
[22:27] [asherah] Tell him to recall the first conversation he had with me as J
[22:27] [asherah] That should give both of you pause
[22:28] [asherah] Do not threaten me again
01[22:28] [Bratty] he cant hes never HAD a convo with you as J
01[22:28] [Bratty] CUZ HES NOT J
[22:28] [asherah] The lies, i don’t care, they just show people who you really are.
[22:28] [asherah] The ask “J” if you you wish
[22:28] [asherah] You and I both know better
[22:28] [asherah] Goodnight kelly
01[22:28] [Bratty] Render was never in the .mil
01[22:28] [Bratty] hes never been on irc
01[22:29] [Bratty] you are a desperate bitch who wants efame
01[22:29] [Bratty] so badly
01[22:29] [Bratty] you will hang an old lady out in front of terrorists
Session Close: Fri May 25 00:00:00 2012

Full log here.

To quote Emick directly from the log above “[22:10][asherah] We have you and Render your time is up.” Kelly verbally trashed Emick & Welna in messages AND on Twitter with rumors that had been swirling around about them both. She doesn’t regret a single word of it as she will be the first to tell you, “In an online war words ARE your weapons & the faster you can upset your opponent the faster you will win”. However, at no time did she threaten anyone with any type of violence to themselves or their families.

“…of secret involvement with Anonymous, etc.”

Lady, and we use that term loosely, put DOWN the bath salts and back away from them slowly. Its common knowledge that both you, Emick & Welna, are ex-Anonymous members and are currently known as anti-Anonymous. (Really WHAT are you on?) We certainly thought that, at least until the day that Emick released the scribd that this is in response too. We saw, in Icerocket, an awful lot of Anon’s retweeting it.

Our only other contention on that score is that the two of them, Emick and Welna, are still practicing the very same methods, and failures, that helped give Anonymous such a bad name. Methods that Anonymous appears to have discontinued to at least some degree, but Velma & Amok continue to use. -big hint here.

Kelly’s only “involvement” with the Anonymous group is having friends that are a part of the movement and idling on their network for a couple of weeks in 2011. She did play “secretary” for school4lulz by posting logs for them at their request because *EVERYONE* knows Kelly logs everything she does online. Posting a log is not crime, unless it contains information that is criminal.

“I was even accused of being Doxbin, and intentionally doxing myself. (Uh, what?)”

Uh what indeed. Neither of us ever made any such a bizarre accusation, in public or in private, to anybody, ever. Emick is simply NOT smart enough to be that individual. (Are you sure this isn’t just some sort of fantasy you have dreamed up? Delusions of grandeur much?)

“Kelly went so far as to claim I was trying to have Jesse murdered.”

Lets do some math shall we? Simple stuff, we don’t want to strain Emick’s brain. Render’s posted on his blog two of the several death threats that he’s received, a blog which Emick & Welna pored over for weeks. So far his life has been publicly threatened by a raving drugged up nutcase in California, the British National Party, and a group of Pakistani’s that stalked him from another blog that he posts on. These are some of the threats that they read, yet ignored, in their dissection of his blog.

Now in little words so Emick & Welna can grasp this. IF someone’s life’s been publicly threatened with being exterminated, telling the world exactly who this person is along with what you THINK their address puts that person’s life at risk. In this case an elderly woman of almost 70 years of age who relies on a walker to get around. Really classy, not.

It’s stupidly dangerous… Reprehensibly irresponsible, and almost freakishly ignorant of some basic realities.

“Accusations against others were just as vile.”

Kelly and Render both find the constant fail doxing and not so thinly veiled threats by Emick and Welna to be rather vile themselves. There are only 20 or so other people who have now lived through that not to mention the 80 something people in Namshub who were ALSO falsely identified and harassed. In fact they would probably all agree with Kelly & Render too. So once again, Emicks big point here is her self projection onto others. Shocking isn’t it?

“In the following days, Kelly (with the help of Mike virus) stole an aol account (which unfortunately, I had provided earlier) from a member of Ugnazi, and used it to finagle copies of my private e-mails.”

Evidence please? Cosmo states that his AIM being taken was months ago and had nothing to do with Kelly or Render.

Ugnazi is who stole and released Emick’s e-mails, so nobody had to ask or finagle for them, they were right in plain view on Pastebin, still are as far as we know. The JenEmickFunPack & text pastes are also on as well. The only thing Kelly has asked anyone for was the email showing Emick purchased a pussy tightener which UGNazi claimed was in her email box. She wanted to post that for the absolute entertainment value it contains. (Please let us know if this is what you got because we looked at it online and damned if we can’t figure out how in the hell it works! Kinda scary that you plug it in and then stick it inside yourself O.o)((Speak for yourself woman, there are things that I simply have no need to know about))

“To date, I’ve received dozens of messages from friends and family on Twitter, as the two of them have indiscriminately messaged people with all sorts of gossip and nonsense. (I could care less about her insecure public ranting about my weight/looks/etc)”

You know, it probably should be expected that Kelly & Render would attempt to defend themselves both quietly and loudly, from the wild ass conspiracy theories and outright libels of Emick and Welna. Including family? No chance. Neither of us ever contacted anybody from Emick’s family on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace. After this release of Emicks Kelly DID try to contact her husband on Google+ to suggest he check on Emick as she had been tweeting nonstop for numerous hours at a shot. (Kelly received no response to her friend request however.)

Interestingly enough, Kelly & Render’s story hasn’t changed. Emick’s story however changes every 50 or so Tweets. We take notice that Emick does not seem to be claiming that Render is the Jester any longer anywhere in her 17 pages of veracity challenged Scribd vomit. (a little personal note here: you probably should, care a little less, that is – ask Pr0f_SRS about that)

“At the same time I heard from a few former victims of Kelly, and what they shared was disturbing enough, given the circumstances, to pursue, especially given the inroads she’s made in the pro-sec community.”

Other than ihazcandy/zippie’s epic social engineering game on Emick and Welna, we’re going to need to see some evidence of this disturbing stuff.

We tend to think that repeatedly fail doxing peoples families and threatening or wanting to “curb stomp cripples” in regards to Render & “rape & murder” Kelly/her 14 year old daughter is pretty damn disturbing ourselves. It’s well known that Kelly has been around both light and dark sides of the Internet for longer then either Emick or Welna have even been online. And there is probably a pretty damn good reason why Kelly has been around that long…without being arrested…

“This is what I found”

“Kelly and DDoS”

Never mind the popcorn, get coffee, stat. (Dammit Render I want Monster not coffee ffs!)

“Kelly always puts on a good show of outrage whenever confronted on this topic.”

Being falsely accused of criminal acts by a noted failure in life err fail doxer is kind of outrageous. Not to mention Kelly has never DDoSsed anyone. She even lost the LAN doswar in her own home vs her roommates when WindowsXP came out because she couldn’t figure out how to send a damn packet at them! (They laughed at her because she couldn’t get on the internet until they stopped dosing her!)

“Somehow, the “DDoS queen of Efnet,” who idles on the infamous #infrared channel.”

Render and many others, have seen Kelly’s desktop, she idles, and rolls, in over thirty different places and media, all at the same time. (Extremely distracting to watch Kelly manage it if you are a single tracker, talk about multitasking!) It won’t take very much reading message traffic (learn to Google) to find Welna idling, and trolling, in a number of “infamous” places himself. Kelly has known many of these people around this scene since the day she got on line in 1993/94. Knowing and liking someone does not automatically mean that she supports their breaking of laws and, if you DID indeed ask around, you would find out that 99% of the time Kelly will jump all over these same people for their acts the way only their mom will do. This is why the press has referred to her as an “Online Den Mother” to hackers.

RE: #infrared-this channel on Efnet is solely used to troll the last living WebTV user on Efnet, Heatwave. Anyone on Efnet knows who this person is and if you hit the quote bot in #chat you will see why there is an entire channel devoted to trolling her.

“-with entree to even more secretive botnet oper channels, acts so very shocked at the suggestion she might, in fact, have a botnet.”

Kelly doesn’t have or own a botnet not even a legal one to hold her channels. But! According to Emick (per Namshub release), Welna has had a botnet as recently as two years ago. (Dosnets are not on public IRCd’s like Efnet derp.)

“Not only is google filled with dozens of complaints of Kelly-drama related DDoS attacks, but her own private IRCd is blacklisted, after it appeared as the c&c address of several trojans.”

A Google search for “Kelly Hallissey AOL” turns up over 32,000 responses. Including a successful class-action lawsuit against AOL, which seems like it might be just a bit more dramatic. (AOL had to pay out $15 million due to Kelly’s lawsuit against them, which she started because they were hurting people who devoted their lives to making that company grow.) A Google search pattern for Jen Emick, under her many different screen names, turns up a pattern of very similar drama to this one that we are responding to, in at least three very different Internet communities, prior to this episode with us.

This C&C complaint email can be seen here,

The bots had two IRCds listed as the C&C center, one of which was Dalnet. For those without an IRC clue we will break this down for you. If you want to attack an IRCd with never ending connection floods, the old botnet infections would allow you to point an IRCd as their “home” aka C&C this would in effect flood that IRCd with the botnet’s connections. If you used ascii characters in the channel names, there was an old glitch with Unreal IRCd that would prevent you from being able to see the channel in your list which would then allow you, the attacker, to flood the network from within, making it difficult for the people running it to address. The infections listed on the site were over 10 years old from when the OLD network was up and running. The new IRCd has only been up a little over a year or so.

“This is not, as Kelly claims, evidence of a few bots hitting her irc”

According to both the hosting company and the single blacklisting organization in question the blacklisting has already been pulled. It wasn’t until they answered Kelly’s emails that she even knew what was going on as someone on her box asked to run an IRCd and use a year or so ago. Kelly personally has not gone onto the IRCd once since it has been back up. When Kelly received the information in the email linked to this, she knew immediately what bots these were as they had attacked her IRCd 10 years ago when it had been up in the past.

“It is evidence that numerous blacklists found her own, private IRCd used as a command and control address in several trojans.”

No. Just one blacklisting organization…and that got pulled on proper notice. Next?

“Of course, this baby botnet is probably used for spam, not DDoS.”

Of course says the “expert in alternative religion”…or it was just two binaries that went unnoticed by the server operator, according to Niklas Schiffler, and have since been resolved and reporting turned off. (Two infections out of 10+ years of running IRCd’s is pretty amazingly low btw.)

“When Kelly needs large firepower, she usually turns to her pals Nery and Haddem, whose servers she has free run of.”

Of course Kelly knows who Nery and Haddem are, so do most of the other 35000 people on Efnet. William Welna (operating under the nic DelPasha) also knows Haddem. Doesn’t that make William Welna as “dirty” as Kelly is in your eyes? Does Emick have some sort of proof that these people even DDoS or is she again, putting up unsubstantiated rumors based on her eagerness to make everyone other than her look bad so she can attempt to get e-fame, and thusly feel like her worthless life is somehow validated?

“It seems likely she also has full command of their c&c’s as well.”

Following Emick’s logic this would also mean that Welna has full command of their c&c’s because he too knows these same people.

“A pcap of an attack directly attributable to Kelly is available if anyone would like to compare.”

Is there a reason why this was not included, or at least linked too, within Emick’s 17pg scribd spew? Like, perhaps it cannot be directly attributable to Kelly at all? Like all of the OTHER proof Emick submitted in this drivel?

“Not only is Kelly continually implicated in DDOS, she is employed by Staminus, a DDOS mitigation outfit, and sub-companies, like Blacklotus and koDDoS.”

Where is the proof of this mythical employment? Please provide proof of her “employment” in the form of a W-2, W-4, or 1099. Hell, we will even accept a screen shot of it on Staminus’s website regarding their staff! (oh wait, that doesn’t exist either, does it?)

“She and her buddy Vae both own good chunks of Staminus’ space…”

Again, where is the proof of this ownership? Kelly HAS a box at Staminus with approximately 100 ips on it and runs a VPS. (Virtual private server) Various people use this box for free as she is generous enough to let them.

“…and Kelly brags about her close relationship to the company, which is mostly known for hosting scummy scam sites, LOICs, numerous fishy ircs, botnets, 419 scams etc more on them later…”

Kelly is indeed on a first name basis with the owners and some of the employees of Staminus, after all, she’s had a single box there for years. Staminus is one of the FEW companies that will host IRC due to the dos it generates AT the host, and due to the risk associated with the illegal things people can do on IRCds, etc. However the company actively handles all complaints filed at as long as valid proof of these illegal acts is provided.

Any additional questions regarding Staminus’s reputation as a business should be taken up with the company itself, the Data Center & head quarters of which are located in California, not Texas. See Google maps oh Great Google Witch!

But perhaps first those same questions should be raised with William Welna, who had his own Occultusterra domain hosted on Staminus for quite some time, while that same domain was used to house operations planning for Anonymous.

“Fun with logs:”

Anybody need more coffee? (I SAID MONSTER DAMMIT!)

“Matt from Staminus and Kelly’s friend Trelane brag about botnets and p/a for Kelly:”

We’re not sure what this random log of gamers (?) is supposed to signify, if you have any information pertaining to its significance to this entire mess outside of the fact that it contains the name “Kelly” in it and appears to be a desperate attempt by the Scooby Doo Gang that are hot on Kelly’s trail attempting to get her picked up in the #MysteryVan, please let us know. We will provide a year’s supply of Scooby Snax to the person who decodes it and how it relates to any of us. (Outside of the desperation of the ever so elite Ms Emick & Mr Welna to find SOMETHING online to crucify yet another innocent victim of her ongoing quest to be an armchair Queen on the Internets-we already figured that part out!)

“ghost confronts zippie/ihazcandy about Bratty’s DDOS and involvement in #school4lulz and Anonops”

We feel that what applies here all that is needed is the definition of Social Engineering. To wit: “Social engineering, in the context of security, is understood to mean the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. “Social engineering” as an act of psychological manipulation had previously been associated with the social sciences, but its usage has caught on among computer professionals.” Hey Emick & Welna, can you say had? We can! LOL

“A DDoS victim can’t understand why Staminus isn’t interested in Bratty, or her buddy Haddem:”

What DDoS victim? Why so vague? No Proof? OMG we are shocked!

Amateur e-detectives are often confused as to why their suspects aren’t rounded up and shot at dawn. It has much to do with real law enforcement requiring things like evidence, proof, and other boring stuff that doesn’t fit into a one hour TV show.

“For what its worth, after being DDOS’s by Anon/th3j35t3r, Westboro Baptist Church moved to a Staminus hosted box.”

Staminus, Gigeservers, Sharktech, & Awknet are 4 of the major companies that will allow affordable protection from DDoS attacks. The fact these companies went to Staminus is merely testimonial to their ability to handle the attacks and the other companies’ refusal to house them any longer. When a company/site is repeatedly attacked, word gets out to the other providers and most will NOT touch them after this.

Btw…the Jester’s Xerxes tool is a DoS attack. Anonymous used a DDoS attack against WBC. For what its worth GoDaddy has been caught repeatedly providing hosting space for federally banned terrorist organizations. Maybe the Scooby crew can get right on that next? With a leeto hacky sacker like Welna on the Scooby Crew, how is that they don’t know the difference between distributed and not distributed?

“Kelly & Zippie”

Yeah, I’ll bet that stung a bit, didn’t it? If you only knew how hard Kelly & Zippie were laughing when they arranged for him to be your “new friend”. :D

“Zippie is a curious character, who appeared to go after Kelly loudly, and publicly.”

Why yes he is, and yes that is the appearance that was given.

“During this time, he made sustained, publicly advertised DDoS attacks on”

Appearances can be, and often are, very deceiving. As Zippie says in that screen shot, “prove it.”

“As a result pastebin moved to …Staminus Hosting”

Pastebin actually has a Twitter account of its own, why don’t you ask them why they went to Staminus? We’re sure that they will give the Scooby Crew a full and accurate accounting of their move.

“Now, of course, Kelly claims she and Zippie have been working together all along:”

That claim is a statement of fact, and not a particularly new one at that. (Do you really think you two are the first ones to have this game run on you by the two of them?)

“If this is true then it’s looking a lot like Pastebin was DDoSed to benefit Kelly.”

Only to the Scooby Crew and their crack Google search witch!

“When confronted, Zippie reasons that its all good, because Pastebin is bad. (Great logic there, zippie- use other people’s computers to attack a site for using…other peoples data. Makes perfect sense.)”

When played, why does the Scooby Gang continue to believe the player? All of your data is corrupted. All of it, suckers! You were so badly had that you STILL believe what Zippie said? O.M.G. is all that we can say! That and LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

“He follows with a threat:”

Or he mocks Emick, yet again, for pretending to be something she is not and never will be.


(Emick links to facilitatedcontrols fraud faq page…)

By all means ScoobyCrew, do pass that on to your paying “clients.” Assuming that you actually have any left after this response is posted…


(Link to PCWorld article about Pastebin being DDoSed last February.)

Note that that event is mentioned in Pastebin’s own Twitter feed? Like we said, Pastebin isn’t shy about telling people when they actually have been DDoSed, are they?

“Witness says: “she by all means has profited from DDoS attacks. The foonet drama leads directly to her and her partner trelane”

Perhaps “Witness” aka Welna, there needs to hop right in the Scooby Van and haul ass over to the closest FBI office? Because the FBI thinks, very strongly, that the Foonet “drama” aka the DDosMafia, centers around Saad Echouafni, Paul Garrett Ashely, Axel Gembe, Jonathan Hall, Richard Roby, and Lee Graham Walker as being responsible. Hey, maybe Echouafni is really the Jester too? Neither Trelane nor Kelly’s name is listed in any documents concerning the raids at Foonet except as VICTIMS.

“Here’s Bratty’s friend Vae, AKA Vaesima. Bratty and Vae go back years on Efnet, share shell accounts, and generally pal around all over. Vaesima is a member of the Anonymous-affiliated Malsec hacking group. They used to be cabincr3w, when they were affiliated with lulzsec.”

Kelly and Vae are indeed old friends, but that’s the only true fact in the above paragraph. Even casual observers of cabincr3w are aware that it was almost entirely made up of ex-Presstorm (another defunct Anonymous faction) members. If all these factions of Anonymous and all of their members are affiliated with each other by anything other then name, then that means…JINKIES!…The top two members of the Scooby Crew, Emick and Welna, are ex-Anonymous members! They must be affiliated as well! (We’re now a little concerned that the Emick School of Logic is starting to rub off on us…plz2medicateus O.o)

“A little about Malsec:”

Nice linkies. Whatever MalSec is responsible for can and will be addressed by real law enforcement, not the Scooby Doo Crew. Note that MalSec has its very own Twitter account and that in their own Twitter time line that Emick has already confronted MalSec. Finally MalSec seems utterly unconcerned and more then a bit amused at the Scooby Crew’s intimidation attempts so maybe they know Emick & Welna much better than previously suspected. Perhaps these are two bitter former members? (Oh geez look it IS rubbing off, shoot us please.)

“Now here’s the weird thing…”

Oh please, the entire 17 pages of hearsay is weirdness from the Scooby Crew, one of whom needs to cut back on the designer drugs and the other who needs to have his prescribed dosages upgraded considerably.

“…despite cozying up to purportedly anti-anon and prosec folks, Bratty tried real hard to keep those logs from being public. Her reasoning was, her “friends” were going to be in a lot of trouble. They sure are.”

Kelly has 1183 followers & follows 694, she posts primarily smart assed comments & funnies. If that’s construed as “cozying up” to anyone then I have a beach front property in Nevada I would like sell you.

It’s never been a secret over the last 18 years that Kelly/Bratty has many friends, on both sides of the line. She’s publicly stated time & again she will not stand against or with Anonymous/OWS due to her friendships on both sides of the issues, and has quite frequently laughed at all sides when she finds something they did stupid or funny. It is kind of surprising that the Scooby Crew hasn’t figured that out yet. But they’re both relatively new to all this, and kind of slow learners.

Kelly made no attempt to stifle the appearance of those logs. She knew from the first message she got that someone was trying to set her up as either a snitch or as an accessory so she quietly suggested that since the party involved was concerned about legal repercussions, he should contact his own attorney before the feds and that IF he was going to go to the feds, he should go to the FBI not the USSS as the they will fry his ass no matter what his intentions are. Kelly was far from the only person to receive a copy of those logs. Note Parallax9’s own Twitter time line for most of the early part of the month of May 2012 for evidence of that.

“Vae’s father is a university professor who works for a major Canadian utility.”

The Scooby Crew makes yet another assertion without a single shred of evidence, legal, valid, or otherwise. Try this assertion on for size; BRnoSec, a brand spanking new on line research outfit with almost fifty years combined on line experience and history, says that the Scooby Crew consists of a bored housewife/self-professed expert on alternative religions who’s burned her way through at least three other on line communities in the last decade, and a mentally defective e-thug with the voice of a four year old that’s trying different genders. And no we don’t need a psych degree to see that…

“Earlier we mentioned Staminus, and Kelly/Vae’s snuggly relationship.”

Yeah, Emick & Welna, you two did do a pretty good job of exposing yourself to libel charges from that company, and you did note the somewhat obvious long friendship between Kelly and Vae. Do carry on…

“Both Kelly and Vae own swathes of space on Staminus.”

You keep saying that, but you have yet to show proof of it. But we already know why that is, because none exists. We do welcome your attempts to prove a number of negatives. Kelly owns around 100 ips on Staminus, Vae owns 0.

“Kelly and Matt go back years, when Matt was known as Toro, and her sites were hosted on his Falcon-network servers.”

Yeah Kelly’s been online since 1993 or 1994 and damned near knows everyone, so this is news, or sinister in what way? She also knows the owners of, Lomag, Gigeservers, Awknet, VoodooHosting, Xzhibition, Lunarshells, and about 150 other uplinks/hosts/irc providers. She met many of them before they owned their companies. How is this a bad thing? (And geniuses, her BNC aka Bounce, and IRCD’s were hosted on Falcon, NOT her website.)

“Here’s a portion of kelly’s ranges:”

Kelly owns the ips from The first and last ips are NOT usable. They are reserved 1st is for subnet ID the last is for broadcasting. If this means nothing to you its all good! It meant nothing to the geniuses that pulled up this information on us. However if you have a clue you will figure it out! :D The other ips Kelly owns have not been mentioned so far so let the Scooby Crew figure out which they are. She owns 2 /27’s 1 /26 and 1 /29. You can use this to figure out how many ips that makes usable .

“Lotta IRC shells, and also a lot of “HYIP” investment scam stuff…”

Hosting IRC shells is sinister? The Scooby Crew is going to need a much bigger Mystery Van, cuz there are an awful lot of hosting companies that host IRC shells out there.

Confession time here, we had to Google HYIP, because neither of us knew what it was. Armed with our newly found Google knowledge we are now forced to ask, how does one know if it’s a scam? And doesn’t one have to provide proof both of ownership/control and of illegal acts? The links provided do not show any links to any ips currently under Kelly’s control.

“…and until it was pointed out, this little gem:” ”Yes, that’s a website belonging to the government of Pakistan. Sitting on Kelly’s box. There was no earthly reason for this to be here. The possibilities range from fuckery to potential espionage.”

A whole bunch of little law enforcement and other legal birdies tell us that there is absolutely nothing illegal or sinister about foreign government (not under embargo) websites or domains being hosted on boxes belonging to US based hosting companies, and in fact, its quite common. Those same little birdies also tell us that “fuckery” is not an acceptable form of evidence, no matter how its defined. The IP it is reported to be on is NOT usable. Anyone who reads this that knows how a network is set up will understand why. It appears to be a wrong NS entry somewhere along the line.

Now for the kickass part of this! THERE ARE NO WEBSITES ON KELLY’S BOX NOR HAVE THERE BEEN IN YEARS! Please visit the WayBackMachine to check this out! She has gone a time or two and tried to restart her own site, but has a lack of spare time due to holding down a job she works at 50-60 hours a week in addition to helping run numerous activities for her daughter in Catholic school where she volunteers in excess of 200 hours a year.

“This could be related to the “pakbugs,” a Pakistani deface group who hang on efnet.”

Or not. “Could be related” says “We have no proof but thought this would be a cool thing to throw out there because well, we have nothing else to fill this blank space”. The linked article is about the 2010 arrests of five of that groups leading members. Numerous other articles and posts from 2009 and 2010 reveal that Pakbugs had at least two of their very own forums to hang on, before considerably more then just five members were rounded up by the Pakistani government (which does list capitol punishment for some cyber crimes), in 2010. If they or any of their members are still around and able to visit or hang on Efnet, does this mean that ReaperSec is responsible for the actions of the Scooby Crew? Do ya think any of the surviving Pakbug members might know who the Jester is?

“This Staminus range held a whole bunch of hacked Pakistani gov’t sites:”

Excuse me, but how do Emick & Welna know that those sites are hacked? Inside knowledge for $500 Alex! That’s not exactly what that link says though, is it? We’re not lawyers, but we think the Scooby Crew might need some really deep pockets, because we’re pretty certain that Staminus & the ip range owners, have a very strong libel case building up here.


No Scooby Crew, it’s “Zoinks.”

“Kelly and Hyip/Spam/Scam”

As stated above, Kelly & I had to google Hyip. Kelly is still blinking at the word, we’re re-explaining it to her now. Her official response: WTF kinda mental deformity do these people HAVE?

“Googling any of the rest produces all kinds of complaints about 419 scams, spam, hyip scams, etc.”

But none tied directly or EVEN indirectly to either of us.

“Here’s some 419 spam from Bratty’s box:”

Uh where is anything in here tied to Kelly or, even if someone’s stupid enough to believe she actually owns a part of Staminus? The headers clearly show where this scam came from, see paste below:

From the headers of the scam email, there is a headers tab. (Do you two know how to read them? We do….) belong to FDServers not Staminus
Dns resolved to
This ip belongs to not Staminus
Dns resolved to
This ip belongs to GoDaddy not Staminus.
Dns resolved to
This ip belongs to GoDaddy too. is a RIPE ip & is owned by Multilinks Telkom IP Network

Had you understood what the hell you were linking to you would have saved yourself the trouble of even including this. It has no ties to Render, Kelly, Staminus, Jester, or anyone else any of us even know. Please explain what drugs or other medications you were on that led you to the conclusion it was somehow related to any of US.

“Here’s some Russians looking into the site as a rebirth of a previous hyip fraud:”

The screen shot is deliberately cut off to include any explanation of the mention of the staminus ip other than 5 websites are hosted on that one ip ( which KELLY DOES NOT OWN LOL.

Oddly enough when you grab the image you will also see Trelane/Andrew Kirch mentioned asking that anonops not silence the media that it does no good to and prevents free speech. Perhaps this is the big tie to Kelly? Because she knows Andrew? *gasps* How sinister!

“A couple more fun domains of Kelly’s:,, Lots of scam and fraud reports. There is LOTS more where this came from, but I won’t be making the broader collection available publicly.”

Kelly here: I own these domains? AWESOME! Let’s check this out shall we?

First we shall dns!

Dns resolving
Dns resolved to

Dns resolving
Dns resolved to

Dns resolving
Dns resolved to

Now lets whois! :D is owned by CF Group, Beatrice Gwynn in Bismarck, ND. is owned by a Johnny Lyman in Yuma, AZ. is owned by a Yuval Finkelstein in Haifa, IS

None of these names of individuals or companies are aliases of Kelly’s.
None of the ips are owned by Staminus.
None of us have any freakin idea where this crap came from unless someones been sneaking bath salts into the witches cauldron! :D

“Here’s Vae:

I hate breaking this to you all but is owned by an Indian gentleman on Efnet. Kelly & Vae know him from various channels on Efnet but have never even spoken voice to voice with him. Hes been an irc Shell provider for years and owns boxes on multiple providers. We have no further info on this individual other than one of the ReaperSec crew also uses him as a provider for IRC.

“You’ll note that Vae’s is filled with LOIC and anonymous irc servers. Lots of them. Curiously, none of these sites have ever been targeted by the ‘prosec’ people in her circle, who seem more interested in taking out Malsec’s rivals.”

Some of the goodies on there:

Iranserv irc
Anonnet irc

And, a couple of LOIC’s for good measure.”

Genius you are not, and now frankly, your common sense, intelligence, and yes sanity are in question. To the NON Irc’rs. People go to a host to put up an IRCd (where they chat) they also go to hosts to get BNC’s (bouncers which prevent your real ip from showing) and Bots (which are used as clients w/stable connections to retain ownership of a channel, they are run on scripts/software that allow people to gain operator status in a channel).

A NS entry of loic.* merely means that someone chose to make the name it in no way indicates that ip is used to attack with the LOIC software.

Nuff said on that, continuing on….

“It strikes me that systematically snuggling up to the anti-anon and prosec forces is a real good way to see impending trouble. It’s brilliant, even. Probably better not to use it from the same nick you’re teaching anons how to hack with.”

Before we go any further we have to comment on this. Kelly TEACHING hacking? Were you two dropped as babies often? There is not a soul in the world outside of you two who could even type that line without shaking in hysterical laughter. Kelly couldn’t hack if it was done to a damned video walk through. Ask ANYONE who actually knows her! It strikes us odd that someone who was a self proclaimed liberal just two years ago is just now oozing her way around certain well known Conservative and even far right commentors and bloggers and is a pretty obvious case of projection developing. Probably better change your nic, for the fourth or fifth time in the last two years.

“Another old friend of Kelly, Andrew Kircher, is known as “trelane” on anonops and related ircs. He hosted his websites on Staminus, and is, ironically, connected to Brielle Bruns’ AHBL, an Anti-Spam list. LOL”

We are getting Kelly an attorney to defend her in legal proceedings for knowing someone who was on the Anonops ircd. *rolls eyes* SHE KNOWS SOMEONE, YOUR POINT? And FFS spell his name right moron. You couldn’t even dox him correctly with his name spelled right on Kelly’s friends list on Facebook. That’s pretty bad.

“Some botnet stuff for Staminus:”

Its an irc host. Botnets get housed on IRCds. Contact Staminus about this crap, not us. We aren’t involved in the company beyond Kelly knowing the owner & idling in his channel on a NON STAMINUS IP. They WILL act promptly on all reports of abuse sent in with proof, not like the crap in this document provided but the real stuff.

“storm from malsec had access to nery and haddems servers”

LOL storm fought with them for years, they aren’t even friends. We have no idea where you got this garbage from but LOLOLOL at the idea of them giving him access to anything of theirs. Hell, they won’t even let him stay in the same channel on Efnet with them. And LOL even harder that Welna didn’t tell you that. Looks like the Scooby Crew’s gots some internal trust issues. Does Emick know what else Welna didn’t tell her? We do but we were asked to remain silent on it so we shall. :D

Skipping the paste for a whole minute to the link:

“More where that maturity came from:

The paste she put above that is NOT contained IN that link folks. However it is now contained here:

The whole conversation about the pink dildos is:

01[21:07] [@Bratty] omfg
01[21:07] [@Bratty] if i go to jail
[21:07] [redrock] d1zzy you’ll never use 100 dildos
01[21:07] [@Bratty] I blame YOU
01[21:07] [@Bratty] lol
03[21:07] * TehSushi (Mibbit@AN-lds.apv.d6lsgn.IP) has joined #school4lulz
[21:08] [@d1zzY] lol
[21:08] [@d1zzY] no not 100 dildos
[21:08] [@d1zzY] hahahahahaha
[21:08] [@d1zzY] i’m writin a fuckin book about the insides of anonymous/lulzsec and the hacker underground/scene
[21:08] [~Fox] What a douchebag.
[21:08] [@d1zzY] capitalize on that shit
03[21:08] * Fox sets mode: +m
01[21:08] [@Bratty] lol d1zzy lol
[21:08] [~Fox] Class.
[21:08] [~Fox] Is in session.

The infamous pink dildos is a story that any oldschool onliner in these circles knows about. A long time ago we believe it was Mafiaboy & Pizza got into a fight online. 100 pink dildos were carded to Pizza’s house which got him raided. It’s a long standing joke in some circles to mockingly threaten to card 100 dildos to someone’s house in hopes of getting them raided. The desperation Emick must have felt to pull this out of context is amazing. Especially since Emick, Welna, and some of their friends were just recently making light of pedophilia.

If you want to know more about Kelly’s time in School4Lulz ask HackFox or D1zzy. Moving along…

“More fun stuff: Kelly explains how to instigate DDoS:”

Another out of context conversation was pasted by Emick & Welna, here is a fuller version. The rest of the conversation is MUCH more interesting than what Jen provided. Probably because she edited it to remove out the first two and last three lines to make it seem bad.

(4:11:00 PM) sanguineR:!/Sanguinarious/status/191996469199388672
(4:11:03 PM) sanguineR: u know u love it
(4:12:09 PM) Bratty: 404?
(4:12:37 PM) sanguineR: mmmm it should be there
(4:12:52 PM) Bratty:!/Sanguinarious/status/191996469199388672
(4:12:55 PM) Bratty: weirdness
(4:13:01 PM) sanguineR: aye
(4:13:18 PM) sanguineR: it says “ATTN NEWS: @th3j35t3r Hates Snuggles CC: @doxbin @rjacksix @L0rdCan0n @TomRyanBlog #snugglehater”
(4:13:22 PM) Bratty: so when were you going to tell me you were shadowdxs
(4:13:28 PM) sanguineR: im not shadowdxs
(4:13:30 PM) sanguineR: lol
(4:13:32 PM) Bratty: i feel pretty upset by this
(4:13:37 PM) sanguineR: I just heard he thinks I am shadow
(4:13:44 PM) sanguineR: someone copy/pasted what he said lol
(4:14:10 PM) sanguineR: you do know me and shadowdxs have been on cam/voice in the same room before? lol
(4:14:15 PM) sanguineR: just saying…
(4:19:35 PM) sanguineR: “ATTN MOAR BREAKING NEWS: I Am @ShadowDXS @th3j35t3r dox’ed me bro! CC: @doxbin @rjacksix @L0rdCan0n @TomRyanBlog ”
(4:19:39 PM) sanguineR: :D
(4:21:28 PM) Bratty: why would you want to tangle w/jester
(4:21:30 PM) Bratty: for realz
(4:21:39 PM) sanguineR: im trolling him because its funny
(4:21:42 PM) sanguineR: and he rages
(4:21:55 PM) sanguineR: and I think he is a peice of shit no better than anons
(4:22:22 PM) Bratty: so that makes it right that you targetted mach, who had no role in anything?
(4:22:24 PM) Bratty: doxed her
(4:22:28 PM) Bratty: gave the dox to david
(4:22:35 PM) Bratty: then he fed them to terrorists?
(4:22:41 PM) Bratty: do you know how many laws that is?
(4:23:08 PM) sanguineR: mach had a role
(4:23:22 PM) sanguineR: she defended the person giving my exgfs personal info to someone
(4:23:27 PM) sanguineR: who was threatening her kids
(4:23:29 PM) sanguineR: just saying
(4:23:48 PM) sanguineR: I have logs of course :)
(4:23:49 PM) Bratty: who is your ex gf?
(4:23:53 PM) sanguineR: girlfriday
(4:24:10 PM) Bratty: So if I defend jester
(4:24:14 PM) Bratty: you will do the same to me?
(4:24:15 PM) sanguineR: I didnt have any involvement in what david did
(4:24:17 PM) sanguineR: no
(4:24:26 PM) Bratty: why am I different
(4:24:28 PM) sanguineR: are you threatening my exgf’s kids?
(4:24:40 PM) Bratty: Im defending mach & jester.
(4:24:40 PM) sanguineR: or helping people that threatened him?
(4:25:25 PM) Bratty: I don’t stand by anyones kids being threatened
(4:25:28 PM) sanguineR: well, tell mach not to support people that give dox out to people that threaten kids
(4:25:35 PM) Bratty: or anyones dox being sent to terrorists
(4:25:40 PM) sanguineR: I just dropped it in #jester
(4:25:44 PM) sanguineR: nachash seen it
(4:25:45 PM) Bratty: *I* support Jester
(4:25:46 PM) sanguineR: and went with it
(4:25:55 PM) Bratty: Isn’t that who supposedly did that?
(4:26:17 PM) sanguineR: I dropped a lookup of her buisness
(4:26:21 PM) sanguineR: Machina
(4:26:24 PM) sanguineR: that’s about it
(4:27:12 PM) Bratty: WHO dropped your gfs dox
(4:27:17 PM) Bratty: and WHY
(4:29:33 PM) sanguineR: (5:27:16 PM) KellyHallissey: and WHY
(5:27:17 PM) m45t3rs4d0w8: bluesoul120 / sadist
(5:27:27 PM) m45t3rs4d0w8: because awinee lied to people
(4:29:58 PM) Bratty: so awinee lied
(4:30:03 PM) Bratty: and started all this shit
(4:30:09 PM) Bratty: HELLO
(4:30:10 PM) Bratty: CAN YOU SAY
(4:30:14 PM) Bratty: MASS SE?
(4:30:44 PM) sanguineR: all I can say is mach was going all “I’m not being nice to people, he would never do such a thing”
(4:30:56 PM) sanguineR: and
(4:31:02 PM) Bratty: because
(4:31:02 PM) sanguineR: bluesoul128 dropped more dox
(4:31:03 PM) Bratty: awinee
(4:31:06 PM) Bratty: is playing games
(4:31:08 PM) Bratty: with *
(4:31:08 PM) sanguineR: right in the fucking channel
(4:31:09 PM) Bratty: even now
(4:31:14 PM) Bratty: LISTEN TO ME
(4:31:19 PM) Bratty: Im an OLD hand at this shit
(4:31:22 PM) Bratty: YOU KNOW THIS
(4:31:30 PM) Bratty: you all just did what awinee wanted
(4:31:43 PM) Bratty: I used to make people fight when I wanted someone gone
(4:31:47 PM) Bratty: and you dumbasses
(4:31:49 PM) Bratty: all fell for it
(4:31:54 PM) Bratty: mach was a fucking innocent in it
(4:31:58 PM) Bratty: she was had too
(4:32:05 PM) Bratty: awinee is claiming neutrality
(4:32:08 PM) Bratty: in all of this
(4:32:14 PM) Bratty: can you say BULLSHIT?
(4:32:29 PM) sanguineR: I already know awinee lies all the time
(4:32:33 PM) sanguineR: I went off different info
(4:32:55 PM) sanguineR: say, everything in the dox awinee posted being identical to what my girlfriend told bluesoul’s fiance
(4:33:00 PM) sanguineR: down to links
(4:33:49 PM) Bratty: wtf
(4:33:55 PM) Bratty: didn’t you tell me all this shit earlier?
(4:33:57 PM) sanguineR: and bluesoul120 droped dox on tyr
(4:34:02 PM) sanguineR: in #jester
(4:34:03 PM) Bratty: I could have stopped this crap
(4:34:04 PM) Bratty: cold
(4:34:04 PM) sanguineR: right in front of mach
(4:34:52 PM) Bratty: dude
(4:35:01 PM) Bratty: machs just as much a victim as your ex gf
(4:35:11 PM) Bratty: *shakes head*
(4:35:14 PM) sanguineR: she gave him +o
(4:35:17 PM) sanguineR: and all that
(4:35:18 PM) Bratty: I can see it cuz im not involved
(4:35:28 PM) Bratty: if it was MY drama
(4:35:33 PM) Bratty: Id react close to how you are
(4:35:37 PM) Bratty: but since its not
(4:35:43 PM) Bratty: I see this completely differently
(4:37:22 PM) sanguineR: I see this as people who support that kind of conduct needs a good raeping
(4:37:33 PM) Bratty: that includes david
(4:37:38 PM) Bratty: listen
(4:37:40 PM) Bratty: way back
(4:37:45 PM) Bratty: when we had no bw to play with
(4:37:49 PM) Bratty: we would hop on nicks
(4:37:51 PM) Bratty: similar hosts
(4:38:04 PM) Bratty: go fuck with doskiddie A pretending to be doskiddie B
(4:38:14 PM) Bratty: A would assrape anything B showed up on
(4:38:25 PM) Bratty: B would be like wtf am i getting raped for
(4:38:31 PM) Bratty: and dos A right back
(4:38:35 PM) Bratty: they would never talk
(4:38:44 PM) Bratty: so they would war
(4:38:52 PM) Bratty: and then even if the truth ever came out
(4:38:55 PM) Bratty: it would be too late
(4:39:02 PM) sanguineR: the nicks were authed
(4:39:16 PM) Bratty: yer not getting the bigger picture
(4:39:24 PM) Bratty: this is a manipulated war
(4:40:53 PM) sanguineR: possibly
(4:42:47 PM) Bratty: put your weapons down til i get home
(4:42:55 PM) Bratty: im gonna share our convo with the right people quietly
(4:42:59 PM) sanguineR: I have not done anything more
(4:43:19 PM) sanguineR: most ive done is talk on irc
(4:43:22 PM) sanguineR: and tweet stuff
(4:43:36 PM) Bratty: JUST sit tight stop antagonizing K?
(4:43:41 PM) sanguineR: k

4/14/12 aim (Got a little to close to the truth there, didn’t we Not-So Slick Willie?)

“Kelly and Sabu:

From #chat on efnet:

Edited log again provided to Emick from Zippie, heres the unedited clip for the lulz

18:56] [@Bratty] \yippee
[18:56] [@Bratty] skippy
[18:56] [vigilant] haha ok
[18:58] [@Bratty] i found a cd
[18:58] [@Bratty] of things like
[18:58] [@Bratty] click.exe
[18:58] [@Bratty] click2.exe
[18:58] [@Bratty] shiver.exe
[18:58] [@Bratty] etc
[18:58] [vigilant] heheh
[18:58] [@Bratty] and it wont let me put them on this gd pc lol
[18:58] [vigilant] Don’t know what those are
[18:58] [@Bratty] IM GONNA PUT THEM ON MY XP BOX
[18:58] [vigilant] lol
[18:59] [@Bratty] k
[18:59] [@Bratty] brb
[18:59] [@Bratty] then im gonna dos the world
[18:59] [@Bratty] wtf did i get alla these ;x
[18:59] [@Bratty] nm
[18:59] [@Bratty] I dont wanna know
[18:59] [vigilant] lollllll
[19:27] [Zippie] dont do it bratty!
[19:27] [Zippie] think of the children

Shiver, Click, Click2 are all old DDoS tools from the 90s. They will not run on a Win7 machine to the best of my knowledge, and were found on a cd Kelly believes belonged to her roommate hence her bitching about not being able to move it from the CD to a terabyte drive. Here is another clip of that conversation:

[19:52] [@Bratty] GDI WINDOWS
[19:52] [@Bratty] IN FACT
[19:52] [@Bratty] SO FUCK YOU BILL GATES

Shortly after that, the drive crashed. All of this stuff is still sitting on a table covered with backups, random CDs of logs, etc. from almost 20 years on line.

“*Now talking on #chat Sep 12 07:39:45* Topic for #chat is: If u r stupid 2 believe the spam plz idle :D | blasphemy in a furry outfit?~~ YES: 4 NO: 0 WTF: 1 -/- NEWS BREAK: Bratty & Sabu going to #town on the reg.”

First lets look at the whole channel topic, I think its written in some sort of code. Notice how it says blasphemy in a furry outfit, perhaps that points to an attack at a religious group by a bunch of bears? *SLAP* Hopefully that knocked some common sense into Emick & Welna.

Now lets look at how that topic GOT set lol. People on twitter were already suggesting Kelly & Sabu were an “item” due to him hitting on her in public Tweets.

[12:28] [+S4BU] bratty lets phonebone
[12:28] [@Bratty] wow floods of memories
[12:28] [+S4BU] right now
[12:28] [+ElBurro] rumour has it right now is a good time to rent money
[12:28] [@Bratty] okay lets do it and include trip
[12:28] [+S4BU] I’ll smack my dick on the phone for you
[12:28] [@Bratty] he likes threeways O.O
[12:28] [@Bratty] yannow now the next rumor is we are fucking offline
[12:29] [@Bratty] you realize that right? lolol
[12:29] [+S4BU] tell the truth
[12:29] [@Bratty] then before you know it
[12:29] [@Bratty] we’ll have ten kids together
[12:29] [@Bratty] lol
[12:29] [@trip] we all know you two are goin to #town
[12:29] [@Bratty] lol
[12:29] [+S4BU] I been beating shit juice out that pussy for years baby
[12:29] [@Bratty] lmao
[12:29] [@trip] we all know you two are goin to #town
[12:29] [@trip] we all know you two are goin to #town
[12:29] [@trip] we all know you two are goin to #town
[12:29] [@trip] we all know you two are goin to #town
[12:29] [+S4BU] uNF
[12:29] [@Bratty] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[12:29] [@venial] bro
01[12:29] [@Bratty] lmao
[12:29] [@venial] who had the party n didnt invite me
[12:29] [+S4BU] OH SHIT
[12:29] [@Bratty] lol
[12:29] * trip changes topic to ‘blasphemy in a furry outfit? ~~ YES: 4 NO: 0 WTF: 1 -/- NEWS BREAK: Bratty & Sabu goin to #town on the reg.’

If that’s cybersexing or e-dating then Emick must have a pretty screwed up online BF say like Velma err Welna!

“Did Kelly have the password to Sabu’s IRC acct? Maybe:

Bogus pastebin courtesy of Zippie, you realize 99% of anything you have “found” on Kelly came from him yet? *shakes head and moves on*

“From June, 2011”

Clips of logs of Virus & Kelly, when this conversation took place, Virus was unaware that Kelly already suspected Sabu had been picked up by the FBI. She was aware that Sabu was trying to entrap various people, including many young kids she knew, and deliberately misled Sabu into thinking that Virus was an informant for the USSS. Why? In her own words, “Its one thing to tell the Feds what you’ve witnessed, its another thing to go hunting for people you think can break the law and entrap them into it so you can get out of jail.”

(8:55:11 PM) Bratty: i see virus aka mike still has a serious anger issue lol
(9:58:33 PM) Sabu: how did you and virus get into a fight anyway? Wtf
(10:38:06 PM) Bratty: virus let friends take the fall
(10:38:09 PM) Bratty: by giving them up
(10:38:23 PM) Bratty: im not supposed to have that knowledge
(10:38:24 PM) Bratty: so shh
(10:38:27 PM) Bratty: tween US only
(10:38:34 PM) Bratty: bbiaf

The day it came out that Sabu was raided, Kelly contacted Virus and confessed what she had done and why.

Now in reference to this DM to @fakegregghoush, lets look at what Kelly was talking about.

Kelly caused Sabu to admit to his crimes publicly knowing that if he was an informant as she believed, that would be him violating his Admonishments from the FBI and would exonerate those who did not have a large role from being prosecuted for the crimes Sabu orchestrated and carried out. So yes, she DID cause him to get into trouble with his own ego and in the end saved a lot of kids who were deliberately being led down the wrong path by someone acting on the behalf of a federal agency.

“(earliest message concerning Sabu from Kelly. Notice the date. Cybersexing the guy that threatened to rape your kid is tres classy!)”

Proof of cybersexing =? Yeah that’s what I thought. Nothing. And it was Sabu’s friends who threatened the raping of her minor daughter, which he apologized for repeatedly but Kelly STILL held him responsible for it as he involved them in his attacks against her. THAT is why she SE’d him for months and taunted him regularly over having his dox.

Moving along….because frankly Emick your desperation is really reeking at this point to include a snide crack like that, thought you weren’t catty?

“Also, as if it needs to be said again:”

“Nobody From TRG, Reapersec, or my circle has ever made any threats of any sort against Kelly, her family, or Jesse’s family.”

Beep. Beep. Beep. Bullshit van is backing up! Now you are just lying again Emick. Welna’s multiple e-thug intimidation attempts and posting a picture of Render’s mothers house is an implied threat. Very blatant threats of an unquestionably violent nature were made to both of us, by people on the ReaperSec IRC. “Curb stomp the cripple” is not hyperbole (although it would make an awesome band name), it is a threat of physical violence as is raping and hiring a hitman. These things simply cannot be spun away. Emick and Welna’s absurd claim that Render was the Jester, which is curiously missing from this spew, only increases the unwanted attention of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that he already has on his own.

“No addresses, names, or even city locations were ever posted, despite many disgusting attempts to claim such.”

Uh lie again witch? Your nose is going to be huge by the time you croak. You guys just posted the picture of Renders mothers house and his real name, which is all we ever said about his information being dropped, in public. Welna has also repeatedly claimed being responsible for dropping the dox on at least Mach2600, that were seen in the same dox drop that included Kelly (and her kids/ex’s/friends info), three others, and strangely, Emick herself. Once again, it makes one wonder if the members of the Scooby Crew even trust each other, doesn’t it?

“When confronted with a lie, Kelly falls back on the “I was just social engineering” claim. Well, no. It’s just lying.”

Ok, guess we’re going to have to get into that Social Engineering tutorial sooner or later, aren’t we? The art of Social Engineering is to get people to tell you what you want to know without you breaking the law. This WILL include lying to get them to trust you. Considering Emick & Welna BOTH claim to be “experts” in SE’ing its beyond amazing how they haven’t figured this out yet. See Wikipedia for a clue.

“I have never found it necessary in my work or any other capacity to make threats…”

ORLY? What are these?

Got short term memory problems? Maybe we should just point to Emick and Welna’s almost constant insistence that Render is Jester (he is not) or Emick’s repeated insistence that Kelly has committed all sorts of crimes (she has not). Or maybe we should just point, with full time line screen shots of Emick’s almost two year history on Twitter of almost constant threats?

“…nor would I make catty remarks about people’s weight/color/race/appearance/sexuality/etc.”

Why you’re just a regular ol sweetheart, as you create massive drama in one Internet community after another. How many is it now Emick, three, or four different communities over the last six years, all with the exact same pattern from you? How many before that under other names? We didn’t bother to look but perhaps we should. When did Emick get her first computer folks? Yes, we have screens and links for all of those older Internet communities trolled by the Alternative Religions expert.

“Nor have we caused any such threats to be made, although a number have been received.”

That looks very strongly like the two of you are solely responsible for that false information being disseminated. Now why would Emick, who publicly posted Sabu’s dox, (the FBI told her to stop doing that btw & she kept on going for that e-fame!) and then continued to hunt and stalk him, all while he was working for federal authorities, think that the only place that any such threats could possibly emanate from would be the two of us? It certainly wasn’t either of us that dropped all of those dox on all of those people, in public.

“Kelly is well known to be in the habit of accusing others of harassing children/the elderly/herself, etc.”

Oh Emick isn’t that what YOU always claim? Is it only threats and harassment against your family real? Everyone else’s is fake? In our case, the threats are real and witnessed by many. Emick and Welna fail doxed a 70 year old woman, over a pointless and futile obsession with the Jester. Kelly’s kids information WAS dropped along as her own information. She has logs proving the threats of her kids, along with police reports filed in NY, NV, TX, & WA states. Including 1 from a pedophile who called her ex’s house to harass her daughter whom he was also stalking online. People have always gone after her kids because she won’t react when you go after her; she’s pretty much troll-proof. Render filed information reports concerning these very events with police in Texas, Maryland, Connecticut, and Michigan on Friday, May 25, 2012.

How is it possible to not see that as a very obvious threat, to a 70yr old woman?

“A favorite tactic of hers is log forgery, usually to include threats, often of a graphic nature.”

The unedited version of that example log shows Emick repeatedly insisting that Render is the Jester, again, what happened to that absurd claim of hers? Maybe that’s why Emick won’t show the full log? Does she even have a copy of that log? It also shows Kelly defending Render in every way she could, again on May 24. This reaction, under the circumstances that Kelly was presented with, he’s quite proud of.

So is it the insistence that Render is Jester, or is it we don’t care who Jester is? Contradiction much?

“It’s so artless, with its incorrect time-stamp and out-of-context threat, but she does this often enough I’m making a note of it. The original scroll-back was videoed for posterity.”

So where is this version of Emicks? Again here is Kelly’s version: and no she doesn’t regret a damned thing she said to you. She maintains that you need to crawl back into your cauldron and boil for awhile.

“Right from the horse’s mouth, Kelly defending DDoS:”

How odd, didn’t Emick claim a few paragraphs back that she wasn’t the catty type? Kelly is not defending DDoS in that comment, in spite of Emick’s already established reading comprehension problems. Kelly is stating a simple and truthful fact about IRC hosting as it was back then, which is almost 10 years ago now. (It must have sucked up a lot of your time to have to dig that far back to find “dirt” on Kelly.)

“Random interesting stuff:”

More random feces? Feel free to contact Staminus directly with your concerns. I’m certain their legal team will be glad to assist you with at least some of your epic misconceptions.

“-Screen of Kelly tweet saying “Being an informant/consultant/whatever does NOT give you the legal license to set up American Citizens to be murdered.-”

Emick spent at least a year fail doxing and stalking other people that she thought were the Jester, almost a month insisting that Render was the Jester, suddenly began claiming that she didn’t care who the Jester is, and never mentions any of that in her 17pg magnum opus of failure. We fail to see the problem with that tweet of Kelly’s.

“-Screen of Kelly log snippet saying “I can and have made people disappear never to return again. Those who made it back returned quietly.-”

Once again, we see that massive reading comprehension problem. It seems frighteningly obvious that Kelly is talking about making people disappear from the Internet, not killing them. (It’s actually quite a fete for someone to make someone leave the internet after fighting with you; we bet more people wish they had that ability!) And anyhow, how many people actually return from the dead? Oh wait, Emick’s an alternative religion expert, right…

“-Screen of reported C&C servers, assuming all to be in Staminus range.-”

Keeping in mind that one of the Scooby Crew (Welna) was a recent customer of Staminus, why all this rage against a single hosting company? Uh oh one would almost suppose that SOMEONE got terminated from the aforementioned hosting company. Using the Emick School of Thought and Google-fu that would mean they got nuked for breaking the law! (They probably couldn’t use their foodstamp cards to pay the bill, but hey the breaking the law shit sounds WAY cooler!) That Domaintools link in the last screen shot is rather nifty and we recommend its use. In this case because it will show that that is a Staminus IP and it will also show Staminus taking steps to correct the issue as soon as they were properly notified of it. Notification which did not come from either Emick or Welna who seem more concerned with stirring up a cauldron of trouble than helping foil illegal acts.

“-Screen shot of Kelly saying “srsly I dont remember seeing a psych degree in your history” to Emick.-”

Seriously, that still doesn’t look like the definition of castigation. It looks more like a statement of fact. Emick’s timeline is FULL of accusations of mental health issues to other people, there’s a known term for this called “projection”. Please see the corresponding link to educate yourself on the REAL issue she has with this question. #busted

“Not that it really needs saying, but nothing in this report is faked, altered, forged, or edited in any way.”

Wait, what about that claim of a forged log way up there? Maybe we should show that entire unedited log again down here? The one that shows Jen insisting on her fail doxing of yet another person innocent of being the Jester. Or maybe Emick should show her version, complete with her repeated absurd insistence that Render is the Jester. That 17 pages of pointless drivel really could have used an editor, and a second, and a third slightly more stable opinion before it was released. Perhaps by someone who is not abusing drugs or suffering mental illness.

Now would be a very good time for Emick and Welna to take their permanently and self-damaged reputations out of the infosec communities. Before they really do get somebody hurt. They’re not even qualified to work for Gregory Evans or Joe Black.

Here’s a pro-tip for the Scooby Crew, lay off the Scooby Snax. They make your asses wider and trust us; you two are both asinine enough as it is without additional help.


PS: Cease and desist your harassment of us, our families, and our friends. This is your formal notice.

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    […] slanders and acts of libel against Kelly Hallissey and many others were dispensed with in a 50 page monster of a post. A slightly shorter scroll will show just a tiny few of Emick’s very many contradictions and lies […]


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