Toad (rip)

October 29, 2011

Goodnight Toad. I missed you before you were gone, I’ll miss you even more now…

I hope you’ll understand why I cannot use your real name here. I’ll try and explain when I catch up to you again…


And Now A Voice of The Occupy Bowel Movement…

October 24, 2011














What we are seeing here are canned talking points. A knee jerk response to statements of indisputable facts. This is typical from the Occupy protesters and their supporters (who by the way now include the Iranian government Basij and David Duke).

Jesse LaGreca is a long time Daily Kos poster. As we can see from the above tweets, he claims to be a member of the working class. Yet he has enough money to fly around the country from protest site to protest site, in support of those who want to overthrow the US government. Jesse LaGreca is a professional far leftist protestor, who is paying his tab? According to him, its donations from his “readers”…

There are now dozens of videos, dozens of photos, and dozens of blog and other social media posts detailing the vast amounts of open Jew hatred plainly visible at almost every single Occupy protest site and location. I’ve repeatedly documented the open Jew hatred within Anonymous itself right here on my little blog over the last year and a half.

LaGreca was provided with several examples. This link. He was provided with this link. He was provided with this link. And LaGreca was provided with this link. He utterly ignored them all…

To Anonymous’s credit, they did turn on some of their worst offenders and drove two of them (the Presstorm couple) out. Full props and kudo’s for the job done are due and deserved. Well done, Anonymous…now finish the job. Because the worst offenders within your former Presstorm faction simply turned on the Presstorm duo, and remain active within Anonymous itself.


See, I do not want to hear the excuse that “there are Jews within Anonymous/Occupy/Adbusters” as an excuse for the open Jew hate that is very visible inside those very organizations. I will not accept such, not from the Right, and not from the Left. I know about the kapo’s…

Address the issue Jesse LaGreca. Don’t blame Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol, or any other Right wing news source for noticing what I and many others have been seeing, pointing out, and writing about for over a year.


Did You Think Anonymous Was All About Free Speech?

October 17, 2011

Remember that little people. You are not important enough. Your voice means nothing to Anonymous.

Now ask yourself, why would Anonymous attempt to intimidate me, if I am not important enough?


Stealing My Oxygen (now with updates from inside the cult!)

October 8, 2011

My apologies for this chainsaw drill being long and somewhat out of context. When the time is right I’ll try and explain it all in greater detail…

For now however, the unwilling victim (s) is/are the holder of the Twitter account known as VidConWorldCEO, AKA Anonymous member OpNoPro, AKA Barry Friedman, AKA other nics.


The now suspended Twitter account known as Rares_Anderson, AKA 8Presstorm8 AKA Jamie Jo Corne AKA other names, who was last seen on this bloglet imbedding herself on the razor wire, together with her husband, in a vain attempt to defend the open Jew hate of the Twitter account known as WordyMcWriter, formerly a member of the Presstorm faction of Anonymous. (Yes, Anonymous has factions, and leaders of those factions, although various members drift to and fro from faction to faction).

So this is no way intended, nor should it be construed as, a defense of any of these freaks and weirdo’s.
Can’t be, since mine was the first bomb/post in the room.


OpNoPro – “Rares_Anderson this person, Jamie, I most fortunately never spent any time with…”

R – This is what passes for class in Anonymous.

OpNoPro – “I don’t do press storms or pressed shirts…having spent over one third of your life in government institutions or under their auspices, you have very little credibility if any…”

R – If Jamie’s handful of facts buried inside of her manipulations and untruths stand on their own, then the courts will take that into account. Witness credibility doesn’t (usually) effect hard physical evidence.

OpNoPro – “You have acted in a most underhanded manner in gaining people’s trust and abusing that very privilege of the information gained when doing so…”

R – Well gee, that sounds just like every other “leading” member within Anonymous. Why so surprised?

OpNoPro – “For you to believe that you can just get overwhelmed by individuals that disagree with your opinions…”

R – Yet, isn’t that exactly what you attempted to pull on me with your silly little re-tweeting stunt? Isn’t that one of Anonymous’s long known standard operating procedures? Don’t members of Anonymous flood the comment sections of almost every blog post and media article that carries even the slightest disapproval of their actions? Stark evidence of that can be seen in the comments sections of several of the media links that I’ve posted right here on this little blog.

OpNoPro – “…and then lash out at those individuals by denying them their right to privacy is incredibly abusive on your part…”

R – The abject irony and hypocrisy here can only be cut with nitro burning chainsaws. A long time Anon leader is complaining about other people’s right to privacy being violated? The Internets largest griefer cult is complaining about somebody, a former member no less, being abusive?

OpNoPro – “A court of law will evaluate much of what you have done under the wiretap and eavesdropping laws…”

R – Oh goodie, the discovery process will be better then Hollywood. Popcorn sales will skyrocket. Besides, I think Jamie and her husband are more liable for donation fraud then anything else. Will the great and mighty OpNoPro be testifying? Will the ever elusive hiding in the same old place Sabu be a witness, or another plaintiff? Will Sabu, or any other Anonymous member/leader even file a complaint? Show actual damages?

OpNoPro – “…you will soon see that cyberspace will be treated no differently than the very ground that you walk on… “

R – Oh if only the courts and the laws were that clear on cyberspace. You and all your little minions would already be spending time in courthouses all over the country.

OpNoPro – “it is our universe…investigate the journalistic qualities of that statement…”

R – The fuck it is. You claimed to “deprive me of my oxygen,” yet I’m still here. I will still be here when your world shrinks down to the inside of a federal prison.

OpNoPro – “You have shared pertinent and personal data in a reckless and underhanded manner… you have risked individual’s rights of privacy and the right of safety for everyone…”

R – Again, the abject irony and hypocrisy here can only be cut with nitro burning chainsaws. Good thing they come in matched pairs…

OpNoPro – “What could possibly make you believe that you have the right to take advantage of individuals…”

R – Looked in a mirror lately? Do you even show up in a mirror?

OpNoPro – “…write an article…”

R – Aw c’mon, Jamie’s got some talent with fiction, at least, and she clearly types real fast…

OpNoPro – “…get trashed by your readership and blame your erratic and psychologically imbalanced behavior on investigative journalism? OMG”

R – Ok, you simply don’t have any mirrors in your house at all, do you? Have you ever looked really closely at the members of the little cult that you’ve attracted around you? Anybody and everybody that claims the name of Anonymous is automatically erratic and psychologically imbalanced, just for being that stupid.

OpNoPro – “So let me elaborate for you…”

R – ohnoes! Elaboration impending! Everybody buckle up while the big man speaks.

OpNoPro – “…denial of existence is to accept the fact that you have acted in such an inhumane and unprofessional manner that your very existence is in question… you will be blocked by everybody that you wish to talk to…”

R – Dude, Jamie’s a master manipulator, kind of like you. She’ll do what all the Anon’s do when they’re no longer hiding behind something that never existed in the first place. She’ll change her nic, make new online friends, who have no idea about her online or real life past, and move right along with her online life. Assuming she doesn’t end up in prison with the rest of you.

OpNoPro – “In cyberspace, you shall be ostracized such that you are never of the opinion that anybody cares about your existence anymore…”

R – Yeah, uh y’all tried that with me, didn’t you? How’s it working out for you?

OpNoPro – “You got time for harming an individual in a hit-and-run situation… hit and run… you are trash…”

R – From the condition of that Honda pictured, there was no running after the hit. At least that time. You really need to work on your lies, before you get to court.

OpNoPro – “You got time for bouncing a check which basically is breaching an individual’s trust with you… you knowingly took advantage in a trust situation… does this sound like your investigative journalism yet?”

R – Half of America is so mathematically deficient that they bounce checks on a regular basis. The law has a very different definition of what a “breach of trust” is, and check kiting doesn’t appear anywhere in it.

OpNoPro – “Let’s look at the similarities for a minute…”

R – Batten down the hatches, pull in the sails, more elaboration coming!

OpNoPro – “Number one — you hit and run from a group of individuals that trusted you…humanity”

R – Why anybody in or around the criminal organization/collective known as Anonymous would trust another member or hanger-on of Anonymous is beyond me. But since damn near every Anon that I’ve had the misfortune of encountering on Twitter is clearly missing a few wires and screws from the old brain case, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting all that much in the realm of common sense from them.

OpNoPro – “Number two — you’ve got people to provide you with services or products for money that did not exist on an agreement which you had no intentions of keeping, in a premeditated fashion…”

R – Therein you likely have a case. Good luck surviving the Discovery Process. Civil courts are required to transfer criminal cases to criminal courts when a crime is revealed, especially a federal felony, or multiple federal felonies. (“Yer honor, Jamie took the money I stole from somebody else’s Paypal account and didn’t give me anything in return, I feel betrayed.”)

OpNoPro – “Number three — when you didn’t like what was happening to you, situations which were you were responsibility for creating, you had the lack of integrity and ran from the incarceration?”

R – Ya’know, it looks strongly to me like the courts and the law were already finished with punishing Jamie for those crimes. What’s your excuse for re-judging those cases?

OpNoPro – “You obviously exhibit no signs of rehabilitation whatsoever… with the recidivism rate being approximately 63 to 65%, it would appear that you already know your future without a crystal ball…”

R – Sooner or later an enterprising DA is going to add contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge to some of you old fart Anon’s. When combined with the impending pedophilia charges that already haunt members of Anonymous, somebody’s stay in prison will be decidedly unpleasant.

OpNoPro – “Jamie, this is not about your psychological impurities…”

R – So most of the above was a wasted tweet? Talk about psychologically impure. Pot → Kettle → Black.

OpNoPro – “…this is not about your complete lack of fairness and sensitivity towards humanity…”

R – That’s probably a good idea to avoid, coming from a cult leader within a massive criminal conspiracy.

OpNoPro – “…this is not about you forgetting to take your medicine…”

R – Well, yeah, go ahead and give Jamie a medical excuse. At least hers is better then the ones that other Anon’s have used so far.

OpNoPro – “What this is about is a little girl who has been hurt most of her life and chooses to take that pain out on individuals that are trying to assist you…”

R – Somebody wants to leave the cult and you get all butthurt? In fact, it looks like most of the cult is grabbing ass cheeks over the last 48 hours or so. Hello Scientology 2.0?

OpNoPro – “…you are incapable of feeling any kind of love in your life…”

R – It’s my understanding that Jamie has a small gang of children whom she appears to love very much. Maybe doing psychological evaluations over Twitter isn’t your long suit? Stick to being a creepy old cult leader, huh?

OpNoPro – “…the very existence of anything in your life which is presented as being positive and valid will always be intolerable to you…”

R – See now we’re getting into a very strong sense of projection here. No wonder all the elaboration.

OpNoPro – “There will be a denial of existence… that is not a physical threat… that is what many people will have to do to you and with you in order to be able to ever accept the fact you even existed…”

R – Something tells me that Jamie isn’t going to miss any of you very much. But since at least some of you are going to prison for your actions, I expect that those will have a whole new group of same-sex friends to occupy their time anyway.

OpNoPro – “You are a disgrace to society…”

R – This is coming from somebody who is in a leadership position within a large criminal cult, that exposed the financial lives of hundreds of millions of innocent civilians all over the world, and it is directed towards somebody who is trying to leave that cult, after she posted/published very obvious hate speech on her own website. Maybe all of you should just STFU?

OpNoPro – “…we will not stop relative to your indiscretions until you do the right thing… and we will not explain to you what that is… good luck with your decisions…”

R – Forgot all about that “this is not a physical threat” thing already, so soon? I wonder if the court will understand your implications there?

OpNoPro – “I am not anonymous…”

R – Nope, and you never were, on the Internet.

OpNoPro – “…you have nothing to frighten me with…nor will you ever in any lifetime…”

R – Not speaking for Jamie here at all (and never will) but…as law abiding citizens, it is not our job or responsibility to frighten you. We really don’t care if your scared of prison or not. We do care that you have your day in court, as a defendant.

OpNoPro – “Barry Friedman –OpNoPro”

R – So cool of you to attach your real name to those nic’s. I’m sure the relevant Federal agencies will thank you for that after your convictions. That is your real name, right?

OpNoPro – “If they are criminal, so am I. — expect the world” –OpNoPro”

R – They are and so are you. Your impending arrest, indictment, conviction, and imprisonment may very well make the press. It’s even possible that almost as many people will hear, read, or see it on the nightly news, as were effected by the criminal actions of your cult. But I seriously doubt that the whole world will watch, or even know that you existed.

R – See Barry no matter what happens, five decades from now, or about the span of your current life, you (and all of Anonymous) won’t even be a footnote in a dusty and rarely read history book. Very few people outside of your family will remember your name, or what you looked like. And nothing that you have ever done will have changed anything in the big picture.


R – No, I do not think that Sabu is a snitch. But I do know that he is something of a Jonah for the ships he’s been on. I expect we won’t know until after the lawyers start talking to each other…




Lot’s of spam replies blocked on this one (hello New South Wales, AUS) imagine that. And one “comment” buried in that spam…

“Are you seriously so naive? I absolutely belly laughed at each of your ‘our there’ replies to OpNoPro….holy shit you are funny and stupid!!! Do some research son…you really need to!!”

Only two types of people would risk their spam accounts to defend a leader within a criminal cult. One is a member of that cult, the other is somebody who is naive about and hasn’t done their own due diligence on what they’re supporting. Either way, Kool-Aid drinker. Glad you were amused, noticed you don’t actually have a proper response to any of those answers, do you? Stupid is the cult member who wastes his spam IP’s responding to an obvious honeytrap, “son.” Your comment only makes ol Barry look even more guilty. Would you like to try again? Because all you’ve done so far is help to confirm that Anonymous has become exactly like Scientology. I never paid a dime for any of Barry’s games back in the ’80’s, and I’m not buying them now either. Tell him that…


Goodnight Al Davis (rip)

October 8, 2011

No matter how much I bitched, moaned, and complained about the bad years, you are and always will be the father of the NFL team I love for better or for worse.

Thank you for everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it.
Thank you for the entertainment, the ups, the downs, the greatness, the sadness.
Thank you for every role you played, every fight you picked, every draft you made, every player you signed, every season you fought.
Thank you for all the coaches that you hired, every one of them.
Thank you for winning and losing Super Bowls.
Thank you for just winning, even when you didn’t.
Thank you for the commitment to excellence, even when things weren’t always excellent.

Thank you Al Davis, for everything.

Rest in Peace Mr. Davis, the name, the legacy, the attitude, all will live on in your memory.

Most of all. Thank you Al Davis, for tomorrow we play ball.



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