The War Issue…

In 1973 a nine year old American Jewish boy upset by the calls emanating from the black and white TV screen to “kill all the Jews” asked his father, “why do they want to kill us all?”

His father answered, “It does not matter why, all that matters is that they do.”

“It is simplistic and misleading to suggest that the Zionist Jews used the pretext of religion and ancient historical tradition to eject the legal occupants of Palestine from their homes by force and terror, and then illegally expropriated their land. It is equally simplistic to suggest that the sole Israeli answer to such accusations is that they made better use of the land than did the former Arab occupants. These interpretations ignore the facts that the original Zionists came legally to Palestine in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, that they legally bought the farmlands which they caused to bloom so spectacularly, and that until the late 1930’s their immigration into Palestine was a legal way for them to escape from the anti-Semitic environments of their former homes to a land where they were first welcomed, and later at least tolerated, by governmental authorities as well as by a majority of their new neighbors. These arguments conveniently forget also that the (1948) war was precipitated by Arabs who had as their avowed aim the extermination or expulsion of those peaceful Zionist settlers from their lawful property, and forget also that, during this war started by the Arabs, those who lost their property to Israelis fled the country voluntarily, while those that remained were allowed to keep their houses and land they owned and occupied before the war.”

-Trevor N. DuPuy Elusive Victory (1978)

I am that nine year old boy. I’m all grown up now.

They still want to kill us all and it still does not matter why, only that they do. And somewhere out there is another very frightened nine year old boy, trying very hard to be brave, who needs to know that it’s still not his fault.

I will stand in his place.


3 Responses to The War Issue…

  1. Callahan23 says:

    My wife’s nine year old niece in Jerusalem asked that very question when the Eilat terror occurred.
    – Am Israel Chai –

  2. anan says:

    Many stand right alongside you.
    you are not alone
    Anyone planning another holocaust is getting a nasty surprise

  3. Dikehopper says:

    I appreciate this post, Render. (I printed it out, along with Gary’s comment at MJT.) It reinforces my thoughts that the subject might make a good column or article.

    It might take me a little while to follow up on it. I have – what’s the expression? – a couple of other things cooking. And I’m lazy.


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