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February 27, 2011

Egyptian army attacks Coptic church 2/23/2011.

Rachael Corrie could not be reached for comment. The western MSM and al-Jazeera have no comment.


Worlds Largest Revolver

February 24, 2011

Redefining the term…


Democracy Fail

February 23, 2011

There is nothing democratic about 100,000 union thugs in the streets refusing to take a pay cut by elected officials from a state that is deep in debt.

Screw your collective bargaining, screw your administrative six figure salaries, screw your months of vacation time, screw your paid sick leave, screw your health insurance, screw your mob rules, screw your well paid professional union thugs and your union dues, and most of all, screw you for holding school kids hostage to your demands while the rest of us are suffering.

Our tax dollars pay you to do a job. Either you do your job or you get fired, just like the rest of us.

You greedy, selfish assholes will never, ever get the slightest modicum of sympathy from me. I’m one of your victims. I’m one of those you refused to educate. I’m one of those you choose to make an example of with your no tolerance bullshit.

Now it’s your turn for no tolerance assholes. Go be ditch diggers, just like you told me.


Egypt has a population estimated at over 80 million people. At their maximum the anti-Mubarak demonstrators were estimated at around 2 million people in the streets. How democratic is it that 2 million enforced their will upon an estimated 78 million others?

Lara Logan was not the only woman assaulted in Tahrir Square that night. Mona Seif was assaulted as well.

“Mona Seif, an activist at the heart of the organizations behind the revolution, was herself sexually harassed in Tahrir Square. She had previously blogged about how unusual it was that the level of sexual harassment had decreased during the unrest.”

Considering that it’s going to be next to impossible to identify those who attacked Lara Logan and Mona Seif, I suggest that with leadership comes responsibility and I condemn Google Executive Wael Ghonim and Muslim Brotherhood leaders Yusef al-Qaradawi and Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar as being responsible. The Brotherhood was in full control of Tahrir Square that night.

For whatever its worth, credit of some sort is due to whomever put up the Facebook page apologizing to Lara Logan, clearly not all Egyptian men are sadistic animals. But I cannot and will not accept that apology on anothers behalf. Those Egyptians will have to apologize to their own mothers, sisters, and daughters and seek their acceptance.


To paraphrase Col Allen West (ret); Don’t blow sunshine up my ass about the Muslim Brotherhood being democratic either.

For further reading on these and other related subjects I highly recommend Tim Lynch at Free Range International, Victor Davis Hanson, and Michael Totten at each and every place he shows up.


Red Label 100’s

February 13, 2011

I get to say “I told you so” again – and I take no great pleasure in that.

Egyptian Army takes over government, suspends constitution and parliment, declares martial law, and clears Tahrir Square at bayonet point.

Almost 4,000 refugees from Tunisia flood into Italy.

The ports of Tunisia and Egypt are officially open for business, but in both nations there is still a major lack of port personnel to off-load or re-fuel ships. In Tunisia’s case, it doesn’t matter if the ports are open or not because there is no way to move the goods out of the port once they’ve been unloaded.

The only goods that matter more then any other would be food.

Not only is Egypt one of the world’s biggest wheat importers, but also one of Australia’s most significant clients. Egypt’s main wheat buying authority confirmed the country still had a six-month stockpile of wheat and wouldn’t need emergency supplies.

Anon, busy attacking Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, and ramping up to attack Italy and Israel, cannot and will not feed hundreds of millions of people in the nations they’ve helped bring down. (links will be provided upon request to known parties only)

Congratulations to Anon and Julian Assanhole. They’ve created chaos and mass famine where none existed before. They’ve already gotten tens of thousands of people in half a dozen different nations killed for no good reason. They’ve proven that they cannot do what the US military has already done and they have established beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are not working for freedom at all. They are working for the failed ideology of Socialism, Communism, and a seventh century theology run amok. Well played.

Anon, and the rest of the Left, have become the janissaries of the new caliphate. Anon are little more then the unpaid errand boys sent to collect a grocery debt by George Soros. And they are too stupid to comprehend that they too will have to live in the hell that they have helped to create.


waitwhut? Anon is actually going to attack Iran (or is this yet another false promise)? Yeah ok…that’s going to work out well, isn’t it? Remembering what Anon said about attacking China (“Too big.”)…IRGC can, has, and will reach out and touch its enemies and their families, wherever they are in the world. What will happen to Anon’s who are unmasked to IRGC?

Because nothing is ever anonymous on the Internet.


Untoten – Die Out by the Sea

February 13, 2011

Cuz Greta is still smokin…

Wave bye-bye to Algeria.


Answering the Unasked

February 3, 2011

39 second mark: Two M-113A1 APC and a single M-1A1E Abrams.

57 second mark: Single M-60A3 blade tank.

1:12 mark: Three M-1A1E Abrams.

Earlier videos had shown Republican Guard M-60A3’s and M-113A1’s in Cairo. I’m not so sure the tank platoon seen in the above video is RG. If it is regular army operating inside Cairo city limits, then another line has been crossed.

The blade tank is seen making smoke from its standard on-board engine exhaust smoke system, which sprays diesel fuel onto the engine exhaust manifold. MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow, in their live coverage of the same scene, was asking if the blade tank was spraying tear gas and the answer is no.

M-1A1E Abrams were also seen in Alexandria as well as reported as operating in Port Said and Suez City on the Canal.

Thus far the professionalism of the Egyptian Army has been steadfast under extreme pressure from all sides. Sooner or later the Army’s patience is going to come to an end, or one of those tanks crews is going to lose their cool…



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