6 Responses to Dubya…

  1. anan says:

    Miss him too. Thought he meant well, and respected his confidence in the intrinsic goodness and greatness of muslims, and the capacity of any people in any country to be successful and live in freedom.

    He was a romantic idealist. We need more of those.

    Cheney, however, was an idiot.

  2. RTLM says:

    Cheney IS a lot of things. Competent, serious, knowledgeable, well spoken, even vulgar when he needs to be.

    But “idiot” would not be on the list. Far from it.

    Oh, and he also has a gift for getting deep inside the brains of infantile leftists – and remaining there rent free.

  3. MrPaulRevere says:

    The GW Bush years were good years, for the most part. I was working so much overtime I actually turned some down on account of exhaustion. Understanding that all politicians will disappoint you is the beginning of wisdom.

  4. MrPaulRevere says:

    I also thought Bush’s counter-intuitive policy on the so called Palestinian issue was brilliant. He was right: The answer lies in not in more American involvement, but in less.

  5. Noam Sayin says:

    Yes, I most certainly do.

    Hi, Render! I didn’t know this was your blog. I found it on Killian’s blog roll and thought I’d pop in.



  6. Render says:

    Sup Noams! Welcome to my little hole in the web.

    Maman Killian was the very first second person to blogroll me…I’m told I won’t need the therapy much longer.

    DUG IN


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