Carnivore – Sex and Violence (live Wacken ‘06)

August 27, 2010



Other Highways…

August 26, 2010

Pakistan Flooding Disrupts Afghan War Supplies

“The immense floods that have inundated sections of Pakistan and cut roads and railways have also disrupted the main supply lines for United States and NATO military forces in Afghanistan.”

“Those trucks were far from their usual routes to Afghanistan through western Pakistan, which have been completely cut off because of the floods. Supply trucks are now having to take the much longer route through the center of the country to Islamabad, and then on to Peshawar and the Afghan border. Roads to Peshawar in the northwest have also been cut off.”

“The bulk of supplies for the United States military, including fuel for its bases across southern Afghanistan, pass through Pakistan from Karachi along two routes to Afghanistan, both of which have been cut off by the floods, Pakistani officials here said.”


5 more NATO tankers blown up at Torkham

“Five NATO oil-supply tankers were blown up at the Torkham border on Tuesday. On the second consecutive day, in a parking lot at the Torkham border, five oil tankers carrying fuel to NATO forces in Afghanistan were blown up by a bomb fixed to one of them. The rest of the tankers caught fire and were burnt totally. No casualties were reported until the filing of this report. More than 150 Afghanistan-bound oil tankers had been parked near the Torkham border for customs clearance on Tuesday when a powerful bomb went off in one of the tankers, turning four more into ashes, a Khasadar Force official said.”


So, about those logistics? Well over 100,000 Coalition troops are burning up hundreds of thousands of gallons or more of fuel every single day. Expending tens of thousands of rounds or more of ammunition in all calibers, sizes, and types per month. Hundreds of vehicles destroyed by IED’s that have to be replaced. Hundreds of thousands of tons of spare parts, replacement parts, food, water, and other equipment. All of it comes through those supply lines that are once again closed.

“An army marches on its stomach.”
-N. Bonaparte

Of course, in this case, much of that army is sitting on their air-conditioned FOBs and not-so air-conditioned COPs, not allowed to do much marching at all. Certainly not allowed to pursue the enemy across the Durand Line.

ISAF says the Taliban have low morale

That may very well be true, in some areas. But it is not true in other areas. In fact, in some areas of Afghanistan it is not the Taliban’s morale that is suffering at all.

Map picture

It’s ours and our allies troop morale that is suffering. Nobody likes being ordered to lose. Nobody likes being ordered to stand in place and take punishment from a mobile enemy.


J-Bad Highway

August 24, 2010


Now be off with you. Go read what The Marine has to say.


UFO – Lights out in London

August 23, 2010


Speak English or Die

August 13, 2010



August 12, 2010




Blutengel – Soul of Ice (live 2002)

August 9, 2010

I had no idea what John Travolta was up to these days. No idea I tell you.


Deserving What You Get…

August 6, 2010

They tell me that life isn’t fair. I already knew that.


They come to me, arrogant enough to believe they speak for God.

They tell me me I’m the evil one, but I have no blood on my hands.

I’ve been standing in this same metaphorical place since I was a very young child. I never moved, never retreated, never surrendered. I’m still here.

They told me there was no place left to run, no safe hide. So I stood my ground, holding a line of one.

They told me victory was impossible, that I could never win.

I’m still here, still standing on the same ground and still they come to tell me things I already know, and things I never should have believed. Mere survival is victory enough for me.

I will still be here when they are all gone. No more fear and no more pain.


It’s still only one war across multiple fronts. It always was.

“War is an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.”
-Carl von Clausewitz

It is my will that I see the next days sun rise and twenty thousand more days sun rise just like it. That will be my little victory over evil.

Those young men in that video above from COP Able Main, Kunar Province (2009) are standing against those who would inflict their will upon me and mine. They are but a very thin green line but they are all we have. They all volunteered to do that and none of them, not one, knows who I am. I will forever be in their debt and I know they will never ask for repayment beyond mere recognition.

Our elected leadership intends to withdraw that thin green line without victory. If and when that line is withdrawn the barbarians will swarm over the gates there and here. Because that is what they do, it is how they inflict their will. They’ve been doing that very thing for over five thousand years.

We’ll be making our stand at our front doors.


Accept – Princess of the Dawn (live 85)

August 5, 2010

A twofer even…


Motorhead – I Ain’t No Nice Guy (unplugged)

August 3, 2010

The meat world invades my space and this is all I have to offer to fill the silence…



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