Kandahar Again…

March 27, 2010

Where and when have we seen this before?

Yet again BabbaTim is in the right place at the right time with the right mind. Obviously the Talib are screwing up big time again, they’re getting between a Marine and his cold beer.

I guess we’ll find out how secure the ratline clampdown at Spin Buldak is. One would hope it’s more secure then it was back in 2001.


It’s my understanding that historically for the most part nations are built and re-built during peacetime and destroyed during wartime. Not the other way around.

Anybody want to bet that Iranian support of terrorist activities in Iraq will not increase at an equal rate with the withdrawal of US forces? Anybody want to bet that the Iraqi response sans US involvement will be Geneva friendly?


Michael Yon Saw Warthogs From Maryland…

March 23, 2010


But wait, isn’t that some more of that old Cold War era stuff that we don’t need anymore? Isn’t that one of the excuses and outright lies that Robert Gates and President Obama used to cancel the F-22? Isn’t that one of the many excuses Gates and Obama are hinting at with regards cancelling the F-35? After all, the A-10 was designed in the 1970’s to kill Soviet tanks. Seeing as there are no more Soviets (yeah, right) there must not be anymore Soviet tanks either, right? So why would we need these dedicated tank killers? After all neither the Taliban nor al-Qaeda have any tanks…

Something else that cannot be replaced by overgrown radio-controlled model airplanes.


Celtic Frost Circle of the Tyrants (live)

March 22, 2010

Dedicated to our “elected” leaders…

I don’t want your fuckin “change” and I couldn’t possibly care less about your closet Communist “hope.”

Keep your fuckin hands out of my pockets if you want to keep your fuckin fingers, assholes.


Lost Motorhead Johnny

March 19, 2010


The UN Complains…

March 19, 2010

that Pakistani arrests of Taliban leaders “halt contact with Taliban.”

Aside from the obvious point that if they’ve (the Taliban leaders) been arrested there is little left to negotiate with them, there is the fact that we, the public, have known about these “secret” talks since the end of last January.

This also raises the question of why didn’t the Taliban attack on the UN in October of 2009 derail or otherwise halt these same negotiations? Does the UN think that perhaps the Taliban/al-Q didn’t notice their bait and switch prior to attempting these negotiations? De-listing five names from the Resolution 1267 list in January only to add thirty five more names on the same day.

I think there is a recently out of work Norwegian looking for a book deal here, nothing more. The Taliban/al-Q are not interested in any negotiating that doesn’t include all foreigners, including the UN, leaving Afghanistan.



March 19, 2010


So the Obama White House condones and supports the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from all Muslim occupied lands? It certainly does appear that way from here…

I’m not surprised, not in the slightest. Among other things I wrote (on another blog or two) that this very thing would happen before the Obama administration was even elected, shortly after he’d won the primary.

East Jerusalem includes the ancient Jewish Quarter, the Hebrew University at Mount Scopus, and the Church of Mary Magdalen. When East Jerusalem was under the control of Jordan from 1949 to 1967 it was ethnically cleansed of its entire Jewish population, (and most of its Christian population as well). Just as Bethlehem (an obviously traditionally Christian area) and Hebron (once a majority Jewish community) were also ethnically cleansed by the Muslim occupiers, Hebron more then once.

A 1,600 unit apartment complex is a threat to world peace? Why and how is that possible? Say for the sake of argument that Israel abandons all of the West Bank including Jerusalem, ethnically cleansing its own people in the name of peace. Will that be good enough? Very recent history tells us otherwise in no uncertain terms. We have the Gaza Strip, now without a single Jew in residence, as yet another terrorist governed, rocket firing mini-state, bent on the total destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews. Abandoning the Sinai brought no peace either. Land for peace appeasement deals with people who demand only death and blood never work.

Perhaps the Obama Administration would also consider ethnically cleansing all non-native Americans from New York City (pop. 8 million plus)? Perhaps the United States should stop building settlements on Indian lands? Perhaps the United States government shouldn’t be in the business of helping Muslim dominated nations commit still more ethnic cleansing?

If I were Benjamin Netanyahu I would tell the Obama administration and all of its party bureaucrats and petty czars to take a flying leap, we’ll call America back after they’ve elected somebody else, somebody who can tell the difference between a vital ally and a mortal enemy.

But I’m not Benjamin Netanyahu. I’m an American Jew and my government is not acting in my interests…


I Shouldn’t Have To Do This Again…

March 16, 2010

If you link to Counterpunch dot com or Antiwar dot com for any reason whatsoever at anytime other then to expose who and what they are – You are as much of a Jew hater as they are.

I don’t care if you are a Commie, a paleocon, a social con (WTF is the difference between paleocon and socialcon anyway?), a leftist or a rightist. I don’t care if you are career military, law enforcement, a Rabbi, or just an interested bystander.

The Cockburn family has made a two generation career of published Jew hate and blood libel that predates the birth of Israel.

Justin (AKA Dennis) Raimondo and his lunatic website still insist to this day that 9/11 was all a Jewish plot of some kind or another.



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