Because It Doesn’t Fit…

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Nissonic – “Does the U.S have authorization to attack any country they see fit? Are there no restrictions?”

R – No. There are restrictions. Far too many in fact.

Nissonic – “Al Queada and other islamic insurgent groups can hide anywhere in the arabic world…its not restricted to only Afghanistan. How can America fight the entire muslim world? What do you hope to gain?”

R – They aren’t restricted to the “Arabic” or otherwise Islamic world either. They hide in North and South America, Europe (including Sweden), and other parts of Asia as well. Al-Qaeda apologists go to great pains to point out that extremist Islamic terrorist’s and their sympathizers are only a tiny percentage of the “Muslim” world. But if we have to fight the entire Muslim Umma, then we shall. Victory over religious tyranny seems like a good start.


Nissonic – “I cant answer all of you who replied to me individually.”

Render – I’ll bet…

Nissonic – “I know that the U.S have been playing the world police for good and bad…for half a century now.”

Render – Only 50 years? Guess you missed that whole Teddy Roosevelt era in your studies, huh? Too bad so much of the rest of the world has no interest in policing itself or helping us clean up the neighborhood.

Nissonic – “You did neutralize some foes like Saddam Hussein and I think that the world at the moment is better off with people like them offline.”

Render – We did do that, didn’t we? “Neutralize” Now there’s a cool word. I prefer to refer to it as “We let the Iraqi’s string the evil bastard up like the meat puppet he was.”

Nissonic – “However when is it time to stop interveining in other countries buisnesses?”

Render – When they stop sheltering and giving aid to those who attacked us. Pretty simple, huh?

Nissonic – “I understand the pursuite of terrorist world wide and the hunt for Al qaeda and other islamic insurgents.”

Render – That’s good. But I don’t think you truly understand it at all, any of it.

Nissonic – “I do know that Al qaeda and the some of the more extreme talibans are vicious.”

Render – I was right, you do not understand any of it. All Taliban are “vicious.”

Nissonic – “However look at it this way. During WW2 the germans and the japanese were the foes.”

Render – No, the individual German and Japanese civilians were not “the foes.” Their governments were.

Nissonic – “Two important countries wich population was brainwashed by two extreme ideologies.”

Render – Note that the Nazi and Imperialistic Japanese governments claimed the same of the American and British populations.

Nissonic – “What differs the combattants of those with the same vicious mind to those recruited into Al Qaeda?”

Render – Uniforms and technological capabilities for starters.

Nissonic – “Is it some poor farmer in Afghanistan that have created Al Qaeda?”

Render – Was it some poor French, Polish, or Chinese farmer that created the Nazi’s or the Empire of the Rising Sun?

Nissonic – “Who is the mastermind behind the Al Qaeda operations? Whats his name?”

Render – Those cannot be serious questions at this point in time. Allow me to invite you to scroll back through the archives of this very (Long War Journal) blog. I’m quite certain you will find numerous names that answer those descriptions.

Nissonic – “Does he have anything in common with Adolf Hitler or Tojo?”

Render – There is that extreme hatred of Jews…

Nissonic – “What differs Al Qaeda from other extreme groups like the nazis? It has a strong leader and without it it will fall apart.”

Render – al-Q isn’t a nation, or a government. According to jihadi sympathizers the death or capture of OBL and/or Doctor Z will not harm or reduce al-Q’s abilities. I’m quite prepared to test that theory…

Nissonic – “Will there be a lecture about the rules of engagement and other moralic values in times of war?”

Render – Do you feel you need a lecture? Will you question the rules of engagement of al-Q and the Taliban?

Nissonic – “What are those moralic values when America faught against a superior army as the British during the war of independece or the so called justified war in vietnam.”

Render – The Redcoats and their Indian allies committed far more “atrocities” during the American Revolution then the Americans and their Indian allies did. However, the Geneva Convention hadn’t been thought of yet, so that’s all quite irrelevant. In 1964 there was ample justification for US involvement in Vietnam; by 1968 any and all justifications were lost in the confusion of coup, counter-coup, and rampant corruption.

Nissonic – Whos doing the autrocities? The leader who commands or the footsoldier in the field?”

Render – Both.

Nissonic – “Who massacrated poor villagers in Vietnam and who harrassed prisoners of war in Iraq? They were as innocent as the people you still morn at the world trade center towers.”

Render- The North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong allies massacred at least as many “poor villagers” as the Americans and their allies had, the difference between the two being quite obvious. The North Vietnamese and VC committed their massacres intentionally, with malice and forethought. You probably should reconsider this line of morale equivalence you’re following…

Nissonic – “Al qaeda makes autrocities…so do the Americans.”

Render – No. al-Q plans, designs, and commits atrocities as a matter of intention. That’s why they’re called terrorists.

Nissonic – “The leaders command and leave the lower underlings to do the autrocities for them.”

Render – Nothing new in any of that. Congratulations, you’ve graduated from the Pink Floyd School of international relations…

Nissonic – “There should be no restrictions where to strike then. Go and bomb any country you see fit because there you will find the “bad guys” a threat to the american people.”

Render – Bomb or arrest, whichever it takes, wherever they are. Even in Sweden.

Nissonic – “As the poor farmers of Afghanistan are a serious threat to the americans in the U.S so was the poor farmers of Vietnam that performed numerous terrorist acts on american soil. Go to Vietnam and kill them all as a pay back.”

Render – The poor farmers of Afghanistan have three choices. Support the US in defeating the Taliban, support the Taliban in being seventh century thugs and terrorists, or ignore the whole thing and go on growing their drug crops for brain addled Pink Floyd fans. The US reimburses those farmers whose property and lives have been lost or damaged. The Taliban does not. American sympathizers of the North Vietnamese did in fact perform terrorist acts on US soil during the Vietnam War era. We’ve since elected their students into power. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Nissonic – “I hope I got the point clear.”

Render – Our current President says, “Let me be perfectly clear” a lot. He rarely is, either.

Nissonic – “Underlings fighting underlings in the name of autrocity. Al Qaeda like any other group from the past has one leader or leadership that brainwashed the others to join their “cause”.

Render – So nobody ever volunteers for such a cause? An awful lot of Swedes volunteered themselves to the Waffen SS during WW2, were they all brainwashed as well?

Nissonic – “It could be any as it has nothing to do with religion or Islam.”

Render – You might want to check with al-Q and the Talib about that misconception of yours. They are quite convinced that it has everything to do with Islam.

Nissonic – “Some might have as living in an ascetic manner like some rules of the Taliban.”

Render – Or they might not.

Nissonic – “However bombing civilians is nothing related to religion. They use it as an excuse to wage their war. Hitler used some excuses to make his ideology and spread it to others.”

Render – Again, you’re more then welcome to attempt to convince the combined al-Q and Taliban leadership that none of this has anything to do with their twisted interpretation of religion. We, on the other hand, do not need an excuse. We already have a valid reason.

Nissonic – “Go find the leaders responsible for the acts made by their servants, not them themselves. Search for Osama Bin Laden.”

Render – We’re working on that. Would you like to help, or just whine about it?

Nissonic – “My best bet is that hes hiding in the East Turkestan region of China. Hes not stupid enough to hang around in Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

Render – On second thought, stick to the whining part if that’s the best you’ve got.

Nissonic – “Also look out for Somalia. With the islamic insurgents advancing rapidly it could be the new haven for islamic extremists or jihadists. It could be the new Taliban ruled Afghanistan on a comfortable distance to the arabic world…”

Render – Gee, ya think? We’ll get right on that…right after we finish making the rubble bounce in Afghanistan.


3 Responses to Because It Doesn’t Fit…

  1. FredP says:

    Great response!

  2. Killian Bundy says:

    [Expletive deleted] the carriers!

    /where is SEAL Team Six?

  3. render64 says:

    Dam Neck, Virginia. Name changed to DEVGRU.



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