Jackyl – I Stand Alone

“You got a permit?”



2 Responses to Jackyl – I Stand Alone

  1. anand says:

    Render, I don’t leave comments on Michael Yon’s website. The last comment I left there was over a year ago.

    I did however criticize his last article about the ANSF. Maybe you saw me post a comment about it. (Although I don’t remember leaving a comment about the ANSF.)

  2. render64 says:

    Anand: Your first two sentences contradict each other. I’ve seen your comments in other locations (Michael Totten) as well.

    You had a problem (on Tottens blog) with the IDF’s use of white phosphorus in Gaza. You’d (and HAMAS) have had an even larger problem had they used high explosive instead.

    I do appreciate your commenting here on this matter, rather then on Long War Journal.



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