Vengence Overdue

Samael – Rain

Gaza is getting what it has long deserved. The residents of Gaza wanted this, voted for this, demanded this.

Reap what you have sown.

HAMAS must die. All of it.

One Response to Vengence Overdue

  1. render64 says:

    fuckers are lucky I’m not running this show.


    My Merkava’s would already be at Rafah by now. Another armored brigade would be cleaning its guns and licking its chops on the Lebanese border.

    My artillery would already be massed on the Golan Heights, my fighters and attack helicopters would already be in the air, all of them. My tiny little navy would already be at sea, all of it.

    My nation would already be fully mobilized to defend itself from extermination.

    My diplomats would be saying, to every single nation on the planet, “Finish it now, or be silent forever.”



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