This Is Gonna Hurt

July 4, 2014

This is the face of modern Holocaust denial...

And here is where it was plagiarized from.

To reinforce that point...


Ok Cream, your move. (hint, it might be best to unfollow this guy sometime soon, cuz pattern).



Those Who Do Not Know History…

February 24, 2014

…are currently running this nation.

Pentagon plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II level. From the New York Times.


It’s been quite a while since I brought out the chainsaws of exposure, now seems like a good time.


NYTimes – “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans to shrink the United States Army to its smallest force since before the World War II buildup and eliminate an entire class of Air Force attack jets in a new spending proposal that officials describe as the first Pentagon budget to aggressively push the military off the war footing adopted after the terror attacks of 2001″

R – Are these Chuck Hagel’s plans or do they come from the Obama White House?  Because I don’t see any difference from what Bob Gates did when his neck was under Obama’s loafers, nor do I see any difference from Obama’s many various campaign promises (threats) to emasculate the US military.  Eliminating the A-10 gets covered later in the article so I’ll get back to that folly then.  Given that the enemies of 2001 are still very actively at war with the US and its allies, why is our political leadership aggressively pushing the US military off of its war footing?


NYTimes – “The proposal, described by several Pentagon officials on the condition of anonymity in advance of its release on Monday, takes into account the fiscal reality of government austerity and the political reality of a president who pledged to end two costly and exhausting land wars. A result, the officials argue, will be a military capable of defeating any adversary, but too small for protracted foreign occupations.”

R – “The fiscal reality of government austerity” is not reflected by the antics of the Obama family vacations (at least Jimmy Carter put on a sweater), nor does this austerity seem to be negatively effecting numerous massive government bureaucracies that serve no real purpose beyond pushing paper and creating unenforceable laws, rules, and regulations that damage the economy still further. The president who pledged to end two land wars failed to understand that it was and remains a single war with multiple fronts.  Costly (comparatively to history, no), exhausting or otherwise, that war is not over, because the enemy has not agreed to stop fighting the war that they declared.  The results of the already massive military budget cuts during the last five years of this war have left the US military incapable of intervening in any place that the current White House has declared a “Red Line“, continued cuts will soon reduce the US military to struggling to intervene any place outside of the confines of a few remaining military bases within the continental US.  Will we then be talking about a US military too small for its protracted domestic occupation? There are currently at least six potential adversary nations that, depending on circumstances, could defeat the current US military or at least not be defeated by the current US military and it doesn’t take very much imagination or uncommon knowledge to figure out which six those are.


NYTimes – “The officials acknowledge that budget cuts will impose greater risk on the armed forces if they are again ordered to carry out two large-scale military actions at the same time: Success would take longer, they say, and there would be a larger number of casualties. Officials also say that a smaller military could invite adventurism by adversaries.”

R – Cutting the military budget has already caused the current multi-front war to be extended dramatically, which will inevitably result in much higher casualty counts…among the effected civilian populations of regions where the US can no longer intervene. Most of those six potential adversaries are already practicing adventurism, they got their invitation in early 2009.


NYTimes – “You have to always keep your institution prepared, but you can’t carry a large land-war Defense Department when there is no large land war,” a senior Pentagon official said.”

R – A “senior” (and unnamed) Pentagon official said that? There are still almost 70,000 US troops in Afghanistan, in this day and age that counts as a large land war.  I see a great place the military could save some budget room already…among senior unnamed Pentagon officials who seem unaware of current events.


NYTimes – “retire air wings” “National Guard anticipated cuts” “slow Navy shipbuilding”

R – None of those are ingredients in the recipe for a prepared military institution.  Nor are they in any way conducive for a nation that is still at war on multiple fronts.


NYTimes – “Even so, officials said that despite budget reductions, the military would have the money to remain the most capable in the world and that Mr. Hagel’s proposals have the endorsement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Money saved by reducing the number of personnel, they said, would assure that those remaining in uniform would be well trained and supplied with the best weaponry.”

R – That “most capable” title is rapidly slipping away, to China among others. The Joint Chiefs, as so aptly demonstrated in Bob Gates “Duty“,  have just two choices, they can endorse their political masters self destructive whims or they can retire.  If the money saved by reducing personnel is to be used to increase training for the handful remaining, then how will that exact same money improve the national debt/economy in any way?  There are currently at least seven Main Battle Tanks in production that are the equivalent or perhaps even better then the US M1-A2SEP Abrams, four of those are made by potential adversary nations. 


NYTimes – “The new American way of war will be underscored in Mr. Hagel’s budget, which protects money for Special Operations forces and cyberwarfare.”

R – That’s nice, but neither can hold ground, or stop tank divisions from taking ground.  This is not a “new” way of American war, it’s an old standing US political tradition that leads directly to Pearl Harbor.

NYTimes – “And in an indication of the priority given to overseas military presence that does not require a land force, the proposal will — at least for one year — maintain the current number of aircraft carriers at 11.”

R – For almost a year now the USN has had just one, sometimes two carriers at sea out of the eleven currently in active service. That’s not an “overseas military presence” it’s a single drop in the oceans.


NYTimes – “Over all, Mr. Hagel’s proposal, the officials said, is designed to allow the American military to fulfill President Obama’s national security directives: to defend American territory and the nation’s interests overseas and to deter aggression — and to win decisively if again ordered to war.”

R – Closing the southern border would go far towards defending American territory. Defending the nations overseas interests and deterring aggression with missiles and a handful of Special Forces units might still work against a few third world nations, but that depends on how aggressively they want to defend their aspirin factories. Win decisively?  Not against any of our current crop of potential national adversaries.  If the current Commander-in-Chief orders the current US military into a full scale war he should be impeached on the spot.


NYTimes – ““We’re still going to have a very significant-sized Army,” the official said. “But it’s going to be agile. It will be capable. It will be modern. It will be trained.”

R – No we won’t, China has almost 2 million soldiers in its land army alone. How agile will this new military be if it cannot leave the continental United States?  Oversea interests cannot be defended with missiles and cyberwar capability.  Almost all of the programs designed to modernize the equipment of the US military have been cut or slashed entirely from the budget, and more such cuts are coming. 


NYTimes – “For years, and especially during the Cold War, the Pentagon argued that it needed a military large enough to fight two wars simultaneously — say, in Europe and Asia.”

R – The Two-Ocean strategy goes back to the Franklin D Roosevelt administration passing the “Two Ocean Navy Act” in 1940. The FDR administration was not the Pentagon. 

NYTimes – “In more recent budget and strategy documents, the military has been ordered to be prepared to decisively win one conflict while holding off an adversary’s aspirations in a second until sufficient forces could be mobilized and redeployed to win there.”

R – Orders to prepare that contradict existing budgetary constraints are all but meaningless. The US military is currently in no position to win against any one of its top six potential adversaries, much less decisively.  It is certainly not capable of holding off a second such adversary at the same time.  Mobilizing sufficient forces implies conscription in the worst case and at best implies ill-trained older reservists hurriedly scraped together as cannon fodder to hold a line until the draftees arrive.  Redeployed suggests both an ability and the logistics to leave the continental US, which would seem to contradict the stated intent of these budget cuts.


NYTimes – “If steeper spending reductions kick in again in 2016 under the sequestration law, however, then even more significant cuts would be required in later years.”

R – There is no “if” here.  The Obama administration has significantly cut the US military budget every single year that it has been in office, there is no reason not to believe that it will continue to do so for its remaining years in office.


NYTimes – “The proposals are certain to face resistance from interest groups like veterans’ organizations, which oppose efforts to rein in personnel costs; arms manufacturers that want to reverse weapons cuts; and some members of Congress who will seek to block base closings in their districts.”

R – The proposals will face absolutely no resistance from al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, or a host of third world nations led by bloodthirsty dictators.


NYTimes – (two paragraphs on all the wonderful cuts to allowances and subsidies for active US military members and their families)

R – We ask these people to defend us and our way of lives, and we ask them to sacrifice a significant proportion of their own lives, if not their own health and lives themselves, and our elected leaders expect our military members to pay for the privilege of this?  That will serve only to speed up the process of reducing the number of active duty military personnel.


NYTimes – “Under Mr. Hagel’s proposals, the entire fleet of Air Force A-10 attack aircraft would be eliminated. The aircraft was designed to destroy Soviet tanks in case of an invasion of Western Europe, and the capabilities are deemed less relevant today.”

R – Eliminating the most capable ground attack aircraft in the history of flight combat will not increase the capability or the flexibility of the reduced military in any way.  No US soldier or Marine in Iraq or Afghanistan ever complained about the relevance of the A-10’s ability to destroy tanks.


NYTimes – “In addition, the budget proposal calls for retiring the famed U-2 spy plane in favor of the remotely piloted Global Hawk.”

R – That’s not a favor.  The U-2 collects more data, faster, then the Global Hawk can.  The unmanned Global Hawk can be sent places that the manned U-2 cannot.  Both are needed.


NYTimes – “The Navy would be allowed to purchase two destroyers and two attack submarines every year. But 11 cruisers will be ordered into reduced operating status during modernization.”

R – Destroyers and submarines are fine, but they cannot take or hold land and without air support they of limited value in defending US land based interests overseas.  Retiring eleven cruisers does not improve the capabilities or the flexibility of the US military.


NYTimes – “Although consideration was given to retiring an aircraft carrier, the Navy will keep its fleet of 11 — for now.”

R – Given how few USN carriers are actually at sea, due to existing budget cuts and scheduled maintenance, this is of no comfort. 


Shrinking the US military to pre Pearl Harbor levels should sound an ominous note to anybody who has studied even basic high school history.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

January 6, 2014


I need to start posting again…


$80 Million Pieces of Silver…

April 15, 2013

…For Remington Firearms…

U.S. Representative Richard Hanna today announced that Remington Arms has been awarded a nearly $80 million contract to produce more than 5,000 sniper rifles for the U.S. military. The work will be done in Ilion by Mohawk Valley employees.

(The actual contract is $79.7 million and calls for 5,150 rifles and 4.4 millions rounds of ammo, although it does not state which or all three of the calibers possible.)

Now meet the $16,000 rifle that will take 1,200 people a decade to make just 5,000 of…


The Remington Modular Sniper Rifle.

Already in prototype use by the US Army as the XM-2010 ESR.

There will also likely be a contract to upgrade all 2,500 of the US Army’s existing M-24 sniper rifles to the MSR standard.

It seems kind of obvious that 7,000+ sniper rifles is a bit more then SOCOM itself needs or could use, so it should be safe to assume that SOCOM is not the only potential Department of Defense customer.

Civilian versions of the M-24 sniper rifle are available for around $2,500 to $3,000 each. For five times the cost I would expect heat seeking radar guided proximity rounds that fly around multiple corners…but since I’m still waiting on my flying car…

…and I don’t see why Remington would need to stay in New York to produce those rifles.


Obsession (yet) Again…

March 22, 2013

The Studnose Stalker, a long time hater of Israel and Zionists, is still at it…


Emick – “When i stood up for this person, Kelly and her BF called me at home, claimed to know Jester, claimed Jester was a government psyop, and tried to talk me into believing all sorts of nonsense about the person.”

Render – Emick was standing up for William Welna, who by his own admission was already providing US citizens dox to Islamic terrorists. We did in fact call Emick at home once, we did not claim to “know” Jester, we said, like a lot of other people, that we traded DM’s with him, we asked about Welna’s connection to the April/May 2012 rash of fail doxings of Jester fans. We did not claim that Jester was a government psyop, only mentioned that that was one possibility (as detailed in my May, 2012 posting about Jester on this blog). Emick has been lying about the contents of that conversation ever since. Because she was defending Welna, who has long since admitted his guilt, repeatedly.


Emick – “After I confronted them for continuing to spread untruths about Jesters detractors, Kelly came to me and threatened my life pretty unambiguously.”

Render – Emick bald faced lied to us and about us, and mysteriously doesn’t mention here her partner Welna posting a photo of my mothers house. We don’t care about Jesters detractors, we do care about those who insist on repeatedly fail doxing dozens of innocent people of being Jester, and do so only for the benefit of Islamic terrorists.


Emick – “And while Jester played aloof for a bit on his main account, he openly backed her while she sent me over 2k direct tweets over the next several months, full of sick slander (calling me a pedophile, terrorist, etc), threats, and disgusting sexual comments. She doxed my landlady, gave out my address, etc.”

R – Jester has a mission, it does not include ankle biting amateur e-detectives with seriously questionable morals and ethics. Emick openly attacked Kelly and I, and our families, did she expect flowers and candy from us for that? We did not dox her landlady, if that was even done, it sure wasn’t by us. We did not give out Emick’s address, she did that all by herself in an attempted cross state line felony fraud.


Emick – “Kelly openly bragged about sending pizza to my home at three am. She also bragged about calling CPS and telling them I was a child pornographer.”

Render – No she did not brag, or send pizza, that was done by somebody in Rustle League, who has already taken credit and remains very confused as to why Kelly is being blamed for it. Kelly did not call CPS on Emick, that was Tom Ryan.


Emick – “She and her friends made two dozen accounts in my name, and she and jester created an account they used to dox a fed and anyone else they thought might be in my corner.”

Render – Kelly has exactly one alternate Twitter account in addition to her own primary account. I have exactly one Twitter account, no socks, no bots, and not even a back up account. While we chuckle about the Emick parody accounts created by many others, we also point out that Emick follows every single fake and parody Jester account ever made.


Emick – “I filed for a protection order against Kelly, tom, and Rauhauser, who she had recruited. They continually called the courthouse and impersonated me.”

Render – Her PPO requests were denied outright or never filed. Kelly did not recruit Neal, Neal came to Kelly, after he had already been in touch with Emick for months. Nobody has to impersonate anybody to request information about any pending court orders against them or using their name.


Emick – “The mess culminated in Neal and kelly recording themselves swapping ‘problems.’ They basically used Neal to do the dirty work, but when you see the other exchange and see what she was offering to do in return, you’ll be sick.”

Render – There was no “exchange” merely an acknowledgment of mutual enemies. Which in Emick’s case, with a long standing record of fail doxing, stalking, and slander, amounts to a cast of thousands.


Emick – “And jester has given her his full support ever since- even to the point of publicizing neal’s blogs, including the one where he doxed, threatened, and detailed his stalking of a teenage girl.”

Render – Jester does not give support, full or otherwise, to anybody, except active duty and retired US and allied military. And certainly not to us, who’ve never asked Jester for it. And certainly not by the simple act of a retweet or two.


Render – None of this changes Emick’s almost constant fail doxing of at least two dozen innocent people, her cross state felony stalking, or her long time untrustworthy partner admitting that he fed those fail dox to Islamic terrorists.

Render – But it does raise the question of why anybody in their right mind, of any loyal political persuasion, would side with her, on anything. Especially after this well documented and already reported evidence of a cross state felony

Protip – National call centers record and document everything. Especially those that work with Law Enforcement on a daily basis by the nature of their business.


Torches and Pitchforks part two (with updates)

February 11, 2013

R – Yesterday William Welna posted on his own blog a short private e-mail chain between himself and the FBI agent whose name Jennifer Emick had already revealed through her own stupidity. I seriously doubt if Welna had permission to publish that e-mail. I also seriously believe that being extremely disrespectful, insulting, and outright accusing that very agent of being corrupt, (and then publishing that accusation), is probably not the best way for Welna to get that FBI agent to view Welna’s lies and lack of evidence in a favorable light.


E-mail sent to an FBI Special Agent follows – Published by the sender, William Welna…


Hey ***,

Just wanted to send my regards to the leak around Neal/Kelly. I rather found it amusing. So these are the people you refuse to prosecute and ignore their crimes against innocent people for no reason? I think Jen might have briefed you on (redacted) and I just want to tell you to personally suck my cock.

I’m sick of being swatted, stalked, and harassed by your “good information sources” and I’m doiing something about it now due to your lack of competence or blind eyes? I heard you were sworn to uphold and protect the law not shit on everyone because it’s easier to arrest kids you are spoon feed. I rather liked the “But Neal gives us great info on Anonymous” part, I found it really pathetic.

So when I first contacted you I really did want to and had an interest in going after the real criminals but silly did I know you let them operate. So what’s the trade in now a days? Like…. say… 3 kids running LOIC for a get out of free card for a felony or two? You are worse and more corrupted then anything I have ever imagined.

I’ve rejoined Anonymous for a few months now and have retaken my roles. As much as your silly “good information sources” tried ruining my life and destroying my relationship inside Anonymous after they got found out we were talking I’m still here. Swatting attempts that got 7 armed police at my door ready to shot me didn’t kill me and trying to pay / hire people to come kill me and Jen hasn’t worked either.

(Large redaction)

P.S. I heard it’s raining infragard :)


R – umm…yeah…lemme be one of several billion people to say that’s really not the best way to approach an FBI agent, or any other law enforcement personnel, about anything. As the Special Agent demonstrates with authority in his response to William Welna…

As if to further demonstrate his own complete and utter lack of ethics, respect, class, morality, and worst of all, education, William Welna happily attempted to Fisk, (or to Render with chainsaws), the Special Agents e-mail in his blog post.


Special Agent –

Well Will,

That’s a lot of info to take in. I don’t know if u were sober when you wrote this and I only respond so that you understand what it is I am trying to do, as you rejoin Anonymous. And no, I did not know about your (redacted) and I assume you reported this to your local FBI office? I am not really in direct contact with Jen anymore, as I have been assigned to work other matters.

William Welna – Why would I report it to the local FBI office? Anytime anything is reported especially when Kelly and Neal’s direct involvement always results in no actions. I’m not dumb and I see something going on here. I litterally have stacks of intel that was apparently sent to you guys and I just fail to see how they can walk free. Something is wrong here when you can commit felonies and get away with it. I guess it’s all good as long as they keep giving you “good intel”.

Special Agent – I don’t appreciate your anger towards me personally but I do understand your frustrations. I am frustrated as well, because of all the drama and lack of evidence. In the real world, I need evidence of a federal crime, and even if I obtain the evidence, it has to be approved by a federal attorney to actually go to court. It’s not like it is on TV and I know that frustrates you and others as well because you don’t understand how the system works. My question to Jen, you, Neal or whomever is “where is the evidence?”

William Welna – I noticed you like calling it all “drama”, are breaking federal laws and felonies “drama”? As for where is the evidence I’m not the only one sick of it and the only time I’ve ever seen the FBI do their jobs when it’s related to media coverage. There is plenty but no one apparently wants to do anything unless it effects them somehow.

Special Agent – In order to do my job, I have to communicate with good guys and bad guys. Things are not always as they appear Will. In fact some people are very good at taking one thing and making it look like something it isn’t. If anyone breaks federal laws (criminal intrusions), and the crime occurs in the geographic area that I work (I don’t work the whole country), and my boss approves it, I pursue them. If its not in the area I work, I forward the information to another FBI office. That is why I wanted you to contact your local FBI office, because I can’t work everything! I take my job seriously and I am not corrupt, nor would I put up with anything remotely close to that.

William Welna – I just don’t understand how people can walk around free for years commiting felonies in public, have it reported, and nothing ever comes of it so what am I supposed to think? Nothing really is as it seems, I got to see personal examples of that done to me. I never thought I’d see Infragard members tampering with my stolen desktop in a bad attempt to get me using their knowledge of forensics. Like, how more fucked up can that get? This is what I see and what am I suppose to think? Granted it was a fruitless attempt and I think you can name off a few reasons why it was. All I see this all over and attempts to ruin not only my life but others as well. I’m not doing any of this just for me but for all the others that have been targeted like me and I will make it end.

Special Agent – The kids who used loic do not compare to those who actually intruded into systems. But what did you expect would happen when they are shutting down so many businesses? Ignore them? The evidence was there!

William Welna – That’s like arresting a kid with a plastic fly swatter for attempted murder. LOIC never has taken any business offline and never will. What takes them down are the botnet operators in control of mass infected systems. I’m not excusing their actions as they were malicious but it’s really not going to do a damn thing to stop anything.

Special Agent – So much of the crap that goes on with the drama is NOT a federal matter and falls into civil court. Why don’t you look online and find the federal laws you think I should use? I don’t make this stuff up, it has to be a law. Read them and see what I am dealing with before you accuse me of being corrupt.

William Welna – No, these are not civil matters at all. Do you think I’d be mad if it was really just civil? I am aware of the law but if you think this stuff is civil here is a wiki page that might help you (insert Wiki link to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act here)

While I’m at it → (insert Wiki link to Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act here)

Also threatening to kill people including cops on a public blog is civil? Can you help explain that to me? Why was Barrett Brown arrested for it?

Special Agent – (heavy redaction) but don’t turn around and blame me for not doing my job. You want Kelly or Neal to be arrested/prosecuted, come up with evidence of a federal crime, legally and give it to your local FBI office.

William Welna – If you want to know why you can take a look at Infragard, Kelly, and Neal. I’m not dumb and I have copies of close to everything sent to the FBI by multiple people. I just don’t see how they are still walking, I really don’t. I think the public is going to agree with me on this.


Now for the fun part…

William Welna – “Why would I report it to the local FBI office?”

R – Now now little Willie, be patient and read all the way through the nice Special Agent’s email before you flip out. I’m certain he will attempt to enlighten you of your misconceptions and perhaps educate you a bit in the process.

William Welna – “Anytime anything is reported especially when Kelly and Neal’s direct involvement always results in no actions.”

R – Again little Willie, I must counsel patience here (and seriously, move beyond Sun Tzu, try Clauswitz or Jomini). I have no doubt that the Special Agent will use really small words in an attempt to help you understand that there might be a valid reason why all of your attempts to implicate Kelly Hallissey, (and apparently an extremely large number of other people as well), in any number of crimes have gone straight to the /dev/null file.

William Welna – “I’m not dumb…”

R – Stop right there. Yes…Yes you are extremely dumb. In fact I believe that the only person that I’ve seen involved in all of this who is dumber then you, is Mike Stack.

William Welna – “…and I see something going on here.”

R – There there little Willie, the visions will go away as soon as the drunk wears off.

William Welna – “I literally have stack of intel that apparently was sent to you guys and I just fail to see how they can walk free.”

R – Little Willie, did you ever stop to consider that the FBI might have investigators and analysts who are all individually considerably better and better educated at their jobs then you and all of your little playmates ever will be? Maybe your “intel” was utterly worthless before you and your little friends passed it in?

William Welna – “Something is wrong here when you can go and commit felonies and get away with it. I guess it’s all good as long as they keep giving you “good intel”.”

R – Little Willie, the very next time they let you out of the barn, I want you to run along and take a long hard look into a mirror, there should be one in the bathroom. There you will see at least half of what is wrong here (the other half are the Studnose Stalker Jennifer Emick and the not so mysterious Michelle). After all you’ve already freely admitted several times to passing your “intel” along to known Islamic terrorist groups, haven’t you? And it’s pretty obvious that you and Mike Stack leaked at least some of your “intel” directly to Anonymous, isn’t it? Don’t worry, the screen shots and Tweet ID numbers are preserved for posterity.

William Welna – “I noticed you like calling it all “drama”, are breaking federal laws and felonies “drama”?”

R – Little Willie, there might be a really good reason why the Special Agent is calling it all drama, because without any form of valid legal and legally obtained evidence, that’s all it is. That’s what my legal advisers told me when you tweeted a stolen photo of my mothers house back in May of 2012. That’s what my legal advisers keep telling me each and every time that you and Jennifer Emick have targeted Kelly and her family since then. It’s all just drama if there is no evidence, isn’t it little Willie?

William Welna – “As for where is the evidence I’m not the only one sick of it and the only time I’ve ever seen the FBI do their jobs when it’s related to media coverage.”

R – Oh my little Willie, you do understand that just because you stamp your fat little feet as hard as you can and hold your breath until you turn blue that last sentence is not an answer to the question of “where’s the evidence”? Perhaps you missed the kind and very forgiving Special Agent telling you that it’s just not like it is on TV? You do understand that TV is media, right? If you are sick of it now, perhaps you should have thought about that when you were playing footsie with Sabu last April and May of 2012 and plotting with him how you were going to ruin our lives?

William Welna – “There is plenty but no one apparently wants to do anything unless it effects them somehow.”

R – If an FBI agent with many years of field experience is asking you where the evidence is, then perhaps you have not given him any evidence of anything illegal, have you? Take a hint.

William Welna – “I just don’t understand how people can walk around free for years committing felonies in public, have it reported, and nothing ever comes of it so what am I suppose to think?”

R – Little Willie, the kind FBI agent is paid to think about these things, you are not. There are innumerable extremely good reasons for that.

William Welna – “Nothing really is as it seems, I got to see personal examples of that done to me.”

R – I’m told that overdosing on cough medicine will cause hallucinations and eventually lead to liver failure. Is that real and personal?

William Welna – “I never thought I’d see Infragard members tampering with my stolen desktop in a bad attempt to get me using their knowledge of forensics.”

R – So sorry there little Wille, but to the very best of my knowledge no Infragard members touched your desktop at any time prior to it being handed over, still sealed, to the FBI, who have extremely skilled forensics teams of their own. If you are indicted, then perhaps you should not have left that desktop in the hands of just some of the people you so horribly mistreated? But you already knew that when you lied to the Special Agent about that, didn’t you? It’s really not a good thing to lie to a federal agent who already knows that you are lying to them little Willie, it makes them curious…very.

William Welna – “Like, how more fucked up can that get?”

R – Like, going all angry Valley Girl with the Special Agent isn’t going to improve your sterling lack of evidence of any crimes being committed by Kelly Hallissey. Nor will it help him to forget or miss any crimes that you yourself may have committed, now that you’ve gotten his curiosity aroused about you. Something tells me that you’re not going to need to call your local FBI office, they’ll hear all about it from the Special Agent while you are still fast asleep Monday morning. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that the Ypsilanti and Newark field offices hear about your snotty little e-mail and blog comments towards the Special Agent and your total lack of valid evidence as well.

William Welna – “This is what I see and what am I supposed to think?”

R – That intentionally overdosing on cough medicine isn’t the brightest thing in the world? That there might be a whole bunch of reasons why nobody is paying you to think? Hint, it’s because you (and all of your little co-conspirators) really suck at it.

William Welna – “Granted it was a fruitless attempt and I think you can name off a few reasons why it was.”

R – Little Willie, the FBI has a very large workload of considerably more important cases and a reputation for thoroughness, so sometimes FBI investigations can last for a year or more, especially when the FBI’s curiosity is aroused by several people, like you and your little friends, with very obvious veracity issues.

William Welna – “All this I see all over and attempts to ruin not only my life but others as well.”

R – So you still won’t take personal responsibility for your own actions and involvement that precipitated and created the vast majority of all of this then? Just like Barrett Brown you have no one to blame but yourself, you ruined your own life long before you even targeted Kelly and I, (although I suppose in fairness and after the fact Jennifer Emick and Michelle helped you with that at least a little bit of that self life ruination).

William Welna – “I’m not doing any of this just for me but for all the others that have been targeted just like me and I will make it end.”

R – Lemme guess, all of the other people would be Jennifer Emick, Michelle, and the duped Mike Stack, right? Nary a word for the well over a dozen people that you and Jennifer Emick repeatedly and falsely accused of being The Jester, and still are? You will make it end? That’s much easier then you think little Willie, just get off the Internet. Not for a week, or a month, try years, because that’s how long it will be before everybody and anybody who reads these words forgets just how incredibly stupid and evil you really are…maybe decades even. If you are very lucky perhaps the ever so patient Special Agent won’t read that “make it end” statement as a threat.

William Welna – “That’s like arresting a kid with a plastic fly swatter for attempted murder.”

R – Analogy fail. Try again?

William Welna – “LOIC has never taken any business offline and never will.”

R – The Justice Department clearly feels otherwise (see PayPal 14 Grand Jury), and they would have a bit of expertise in determining which cases to pursue and why (Eric Holders reputation not withstanding here, at all).

William Welna – “What takes them down are the botnet operators in control of mass infected systems.”

R – LOIC *is* a voluntary botnet. Didn’t Jennifer Emick once accuse you (in the Backtrace Security Namshub release) of running a botnet for Gregg Housh, with the very same desktop that the FBI now has in its custody, the one that Gregg Housh gave you? If Emick was right about you then, then you’re going to have a very serious legal problem when the FBI gets finished with that desktop, aren’t you? If Emick was as wrong as she usually is, then why would you work with her on anything? BTW, Bitzee told me that you were required to contact the FBI twice a week, looks like that was just another of her many lies exposed.

William Welna – “I’m not excusing their actions as they are malicious but it’s really not going to do a damn thing to stop anything.”

R – That’s good, because you still have no excuse for your own actions, do you Azazel? Malicious is a very good word to describe pretty much all of your Internet activities, isn’t it little Willie? I have no doubt that the long suffering Special Agent will be glad to take your expert advice on law enforcement…not.

William Welna – “No these are not civil matters at all. Do you think I’d be mad if it was really just civil?”

R – Yes, without any valid evidence from you at all, these are all civil matters, you and Emick both with much longer on line records of malicious stalking and harassment then Neal Rauhauser could dream of should consider that. Of course you’d be mad, you spend most of your on line time fail trolling and being mad about it.

William Welna – “I am aware of the law but if you think this stuff is civil here is a wiki page that might help you.”

R – Wow, you’re sending a Wiki page to a man who’s spent most of his adult life studying and enforcing the law in a vain attempt to prove that you know more about the law then he does? You are doing an amazing job of redefining the term utter failure to even lower levels of incredibly stupid.

William Welna – “While I’m at it →”

R – Awesome, just when I think you’ve reached a new record depth, you double down on the Wiki links to a federal agent and go even deeper into terminal stupidity.

William Welna – “Also threatening to kill people including cops on a public blog is civil? Can you help explain that to me? Why is Barrett Brown arrested for it?”

R – There are no death threats to police officers or anybody else on my blog, there never were, and there never will be. Kelly doesn’t have a working blog and sometimes guest posts on my blog and I’ve never heard, read, or seen her make a death or any other kind of threat to a police officer, so I have to assume you must be talking about somebody else altogether. Jennifer Emick insisted that I take a threat to curb stomp me as out of context hyperbole, perhaps you should all take the same advice? Barrett Brown is looking at a total of fifteen different indictments (which are available on the Internet for all to read), only one of them is for issuing an undeniable threat to an FBI agent.

William Welna – “If you want to know why you can take a look at Infragard, Kelly, and Neal.”

R – Kelly is not and never has been a member of Infragard, neither have I. Kelly talked to Neal Rauhauser. Jennifer Emick talked to Neal Rauhauser far sooner and for much longer. The long suffering and extremely patient Special Agent whom you’ve repeatedly insulted and disrespected throughout this latest raging rant of yours has also talked to Neal Rauhauser. So should we leap to the conclusion that Jennifer Emick and an FBI Special Agent are in some sort of collusion with Neal Rauhauser and have been for far longer then Kelly has? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

William Welna – “I’m not dumb…”

R – Yes you are, repeating it will not change the painfully obvious facts, you demonstrate that incredible universe class dumbness very forcefully each and every single time that you post something on line.

William Welna – “…and I have copies of close to everything sent to the FBI by multiple people.”

R – Oh my little Willie, is that conspiracy to file multiple false police reports? It might just be…

William Welna – “I just don’t see how they are still walking, I really don’t.”

R – This will go far towards explaining why he’s the Special Agent and you are not.

William Welna – “I think the public is going to agree with me on this.”

R – I think you are in for a very rude shock. Nobody likes a thug and a bully, even on line, and it seems painfully obvious that Anonymous isn’t going to like you admitting that you are the internal snitch that they’ve been looking for all along.


R – Once again little Willie, you and Jennifer Emick picked the wrong man, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, and in the wrong place. Between releasing that e-mail chain without permission and the voluminous spew that you unleashed on Cryptome last September you’ve managed to utterly confirm everything that Kelly and I have said about you and your BFF the Studnose Stalker Jennifer Emick



Update 1:

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #2339 - '(14) крючок (Sanguinarious) on Twitter' - twitter_com_Sanguinarious

William Welna – “This is pretty epic, Render64 claiming “Conservative Values”.

R – Newp, I’ve never once claimed to be a Conservative or a Neo-con, although I do share some values and political viewpoints with each of those schools of political thought.


William Welna – “I would like to know how me, a public athiest, is a conservative?”

R – You are not a conservative, nor should anybody in their sane mind ever confuse you as such. You are very clearly, by your own words, a nihilist and a Jew hater. And that is exactly the point, why would anybody claiming conservative (or any moral) values support, defend, or otherwise have anything at all to do with a flaming bag of rat feces like you?


William Welna – It’s the same as when I am “anonymous” or not, a matter of convenient accusations to appeal to others.”

R – You most certainly were a member of Anonymous and a Tier Two LulzSec member for quite some time. You just told an FBI agent on 2/10/13 that you have since re-joined Anonymous “for a few months now” and you are not sanctioned by any law enforcement so…sometimes statements of fact can be rather inconvenient for the pathological liar, can’t they?


William Welna – “Silly logic is silly indeed. I’m not political or into politics at all, labeling me as some political group because it’s convenient at the time to peddle up your bullshit aye Jesse?”

R – You were an active and extraordinarily incompetent member of Anonymous/WWP’s OpIran 2009. That’s political, and as far from any traditional conservative values as it’s possible to get. You’ve freely admitted at least twice to giving the personal information of numerous people to Islamic terrorists as a form of political intimidation, (there are numerous screen shots to support this). That’s so far beyond any form of conservative, neo-con, moderate right-wing, or even moderate left-wing American values as to be an entirely different form of politics altogether.


Put Up or Shut Up (guest post by Bitchiest)

January 13, 2013

Lets briefly recap, minus all of the psychotic ramblings associated with the accusations.

Per the mouth of the Witch of Ypsilanti (Jennifer Emick) I have either committed these crimes or I am guilty of all of these things listed below, all of which a simple background check on me shows is a LIE but for the lulz, and well because I AM a mean spiteful bitch sick of listening to the demonically possessed witch run her mouth…

I have supposedly………………

Hired a hitman.

Hacked her email/text msgs/gmail/anything else. (maybe her entire internet at this point)


Running a botnet.

Fabricating evidence.

Compromising a federal investigation.

That I am a “wanted criminal” aka th3j35t3r. (btw I can’t find J’s wanted poster anywhere…)

That I am the girlfriend of th3j35t3r. (I’m bitching here cuz since I haven’t met J that means no sex and I do NOT go for that crap)

That I do not have a boyfriend. (Hold the hell up you said I was J’s gf! MAKE UP YOUR MIND)

That my boyfriend is a cripple. (All due to handicapped ramp at his mothers home)

Again, that I do not have a boyfriend. (Yo-Yo much?)

That I am a drug addict.

That I have a long and extensive criminal record.

That I lost custody of my kids.

That CPS has numerous convictions on me. (CPS records are sealed, break any laws Emick?)

That I am a part time worker on government assistance.

That I cannot hold a job.

That I am in a conspiracy with Neal Rauhauser to do God only knows what. (Neither of us know so if YOU know let US know then we will ALL know!)

That I had her swatted.

That I posted “bad things” about her children.

That I went after her kids OFFLINE. (Saying that your kids deserve a better parent who is not sitting on her fat ass 24/7 picking fights with the entire internet is NOT going after your kids, its a solid assessment by almost everyone who has watched your behavior for the last couple of years.)

That I fabricated my own swatting.

It’s put up or shut up time you lifeless bitch. Present proof to your “handler” (the guy that avoids your phone calls) this Monday morning and the FBI will happily come over here with a warrant and search my computers & home. You have been making these wild assed baseless accusations for a year now and yet I am still a free woman AND your PPO was DENIED against me.

IF you can not provide proof to the FBI Monday, I will be seeking out a permanent restraining order against you for cyberstalking, slander, defamation of character, libel, AND I will take every god damned dime you and your shitty slum mates, (that’s you 3-Inch), bring in for the rest of your days.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP Emick. You have NOTHING as I have NOT broken a single law. YOU however? I have already seen several laws you that you have broken just in your allegations alone, get a lawyer, hell get a Dream Team, cuz you ARE going to need one.

(God you fucking people make me feel like my iq drops every time I have to deal with you.)

You have 30 days to obtain a warrant issued for my arrest. #ticktock

Stay Frosty,

Kelly Hallissey

Btw Mike Stack? YOU are a fucking idiot, the CIA does not investigate American Citizens. See these links you uneducated moron:

CIA About page – Spying on Americans

Secret Service faq page

Department of Homeland Security safeguard and secure cyberspace page


The FBI’s own What We Investigate webpage

Do read entry #3 very carefully.

I don’t think they allow nose piercings in prison, clashes with the orange jump suits, ya’know?

Returning you to your irregularly scheduled Renderings…



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