Who Hacked The PS3?

April 29, 2011

Anon_Support Anonymous

by AnonOpsNetwork
#Anonymous vs Sony: Round One coming up! irc.Anonops.in #OpSony #Anonops #Sony
1 Apr
Nessuno Anon
NessunoAnon Nessuno Anon
by AnonOpsNetwork
#Sony We Do Not Forgive. Expect Us! #Anonymous #OpSony #Anonops #OpPayback
1 Apr


anonops AnonOps

We didn’t do it; #Sony incompetent >> http://anonops.blogspot.com/2011/04/we-didnt-do-it-sony-incompetent.html #anonops #anonymous
25 Apr


Yes you did. You claimed it on April 1st, before it had happened. Motive, opportunity, and premeditation. You own it, the jokes on you. 70 million PS3 owners hate your guts. Now that’s a legion, of legions.

Updating: Another 21 to 25 million Sony customers that hate Anonymous’s guts. Most excellent PR work there OpSony, very smooth…That will look great in court.



April 29, 2011

Superstar General Dr P to retire from the Army and take over Langley…ok. I have no doubt he can do the job. But uh…this is the second time Petraeus has received a lateral move instead of the promotion that he deserves from the current commander-in-chief. It must be something of a relief to the DrGen to not have to be the last US commander in Afghanistan and to be in a position to grade his own last job performance to boot. Maybe now he’ll be convinced that there really are more then just 100 al-Qaeda active inside Afghanistan? Maybe not…

Leon Panetta to SecDef…uh ok. I suppose he can do the job. At least its a bone thrown to the Clinton gang. He does know there’s a war on, right? And its on multiple fronts all over the planet, right? Can he lie as often and as obviously as Robert Gates did? Can he lie as often and as skillfully as Don Rumsfeld did? Well…he is from the Clinton gang, so there is that qualification.

How come nobody is talking about the most important and hardest assignment of all? Lt. Gen John Allen USMC in command of the Afghanistan withdrawal (the third theater command change in two years). This is the man ordered to take command of the sinking ship, already on fire almost from stem to stern and going down fast. General Allen has all of the right qualifications for the job. He’s a US Marine, he’s one of Mad Dog Mattis’s Marines. Marineistan (Helmand Province, Afghanistan) is one of the few success stories in that blood soaked hellhole. Out of all of the shuffles, this is probably the wisest move of all by the commander-in-chief (must give credit where credit is due). Now, will Marine General Allen be allowed to do what must be done to withdraw successfully, if not win?

This nations military will still be at war across multiple fronts around the world on our next presidential election day. Is it too much to ask the American people to elect a war leader this time, instead of a “community organizer” with no perceivable job qualifications? Can we elect somebody who understands that there is no acceptable substitute for victory in this kind of war, somebody who actually knows how and when to use the word “victory”?


WASP – The Hellion

April 23, 2011


What’s Wrong?

April 23, 2011

Twitter comments by one Alida Cornelius…

“Israel treats the Palestinians the way the German Nazi’s treated them.”

R – So the Israeli armored blitzkrieg rolled over Amman, Beriut, Damascus, and Cairo in the same year, with death squads in its wake rounding up all the “Palestinians,” Muslims, and brown people to be killed on the spot, with any and all survivors sent off to concentration and death camps for eventual extermination? Or is Alida the artist making up a false comparison that has zero relation to any recorded and/or documented history for the purpose of demonizing all Jews?

“Lets just admit Israel sucks. They try to recruit new American young jews to immigrate there, when there isn’t enough land.”

R – Let’s just admit that Alida’s art sucks. Israel “recruits” Jews of all ages to come to the one place where they can defend themselves from a world of hatred. The word “Jews” is supposed to be capitalized Alida. There is plenty of land, in the Gaza Strip, and in the Sinai, land that has already been ethnically cleansed of all Jews, for the benefit of the “Palestinians” who promised Carter and Clinton that there would be peace in trade for that land. See any peace? More then half of Israels population consists of Jews who were ethnically cleansed from Muslim majority nations over the last five decades, was there not enough land in those Muslim majority nations for Jews to live on?

“Racism is epidemic in Israel. People should share land & live as neighbors Forget borders, share resources. Israel is elitist.”

R – Racism is epidemic the world over. Why single out a nation of less then 13 million? Israel has every right and a moral responsibility to protect its borders from the billions of Jew haters the world over. Israel does share its resources with three out of five of its neighbors (Jordan, Egypt, and the Gaza Strip). Make HizbAllah go away (from Lebanon) and get the Syrians to declare peace (for real) and Israel would gladly share resources with all five. BTW, neither Jews nor Muslims are a race, they are religions, with adherents and followers in all skin colors.

“@IDFrabbi Sorry. I have no desire to have an Israeli soldier and friend of the Mossad following me. You should work for peace instead of war.”

R – But Alida has no problem with terrorists and Jew haters (of the ISM and Anonymous) following her Twitter page…

“There are just as many radical Jews and Christians as there are radical Islamists. They are all wrong. You have hate in your soul.”

R – There are only 13 million Jews on the entire planet. If only 10% (just a tiny minority, after all) of all Muslims are radical Islamists and Islamic terrorist supporters, that’s still 100 times more radical Muslims then the entire existing Jewish population of the world. The vast majority of all terrorist acts (the intentional targeting of civilians for the sole purpose of inciting terror) over the last four decades have come from Muslim sources. Some artists clearly have a problem with basic math functions as well as a problem with moral equivalency.

R – Perhaps Alida should stick to bad line drawings and moon faced birds?


Disclaimer (for the unenlightened): I am not a member of or working for the Mossad, the IDF, or any other Israeli or Jewish organization, nor have I ever been. I am an American and I am Jewish, in that order. If you have a problem with Israels right to exist as a Jewish majority nation then you are a Jew hater allied with Islamic terrorists and neo-nazi’s.


Rest in Peace

April 20, 2011

We’ve lost another good one…

British-born Tim Hetherington, co-director of the documentary “Restrepo” about U.S. soldiers on an outpost in Afghanistan, was killed inside the only rebel-held city in western Libya, said his U.S.-based publicist, Johanna Ramos Boyer. The city has come under weeks of relentless shelling by government troops.

Hetherington tweeted Tuesday: “In besieged Libyan city of Misrata. Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces. No sign of NATO.”

“Tim was in Libya to continue his ongoing multimedia project to highlight humanitarian issues during time of war and conflict,” Hetherington’s family said in a statement. “He will be forever missed.”

“We’re at war,” Hetherington said in an interview with the AP before the Oscars. “We wanted to bring the war into people’s living room and put it into the movie theaters, and get people to connect with it. It’s not necessarily about moral outrage. It’s about trying to understand that we’re at war and try to understand the emotional terrain of what being at war means.”

Hattip to Rusty and the Jawas


UnSun – Home

April 19, 2011


Spam This…

April 18, 2011

Julian Assange and Israel Shamir.

Wikileaks and Israel Shamir.

The anti-Semitic Israel Shamir.

So, Israel Shamir, who (among his many other fake names) isn’t Israeli (or Jewish), isn’t Swedish at all, and is Wikileaks sole authorized representative to Russia. He’s Russian, born in Siberia, and has spent most of his known life spreading anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

The parents and ancestors of Wikileaks US spokesman Jacob Applebaum must be so proud. Happy Passover, you asshole.


Barrett Brown is Still an Atheist Jew Hater

April 16, 2011

He never took his head out of the blender, and the blender is still on high…

Some of us are aware that Barrett Baghdad Brown, claiming to represent Anonymous, was in NYC a week ago, protesting on behalf of Bradley Manning (spit). (yeah, that’s BB in the pic, holding the “ley” end of the banner)

Let’s stick with that NYC “rally” for a sec…

And last Thursday, activists, students and members of the online hacking collective Anonymous came together on the steps of New York City Hall to protest Manning’s incarceration.

At the Rally For Information Freedom, organized in part by Barrett Brown, a de facto spokesperson for Anonymous (a leaderless group that resists being labeled as anything cohesive), speakers criticized the Obama administration for Manning’s treatment. Around 40 people gathered on the steps with signs like “Arrest War Criminals, Free Bradley Manning” and “Obama Stop Torturing Bradley Manning.”

R – Around 40? That’s not a rally, or a legion, it’s not even a full football team.

Although the two groups are not affiliated with one another, Anonymous recently come to Wikileak’s defense, launching an online attack on the website’s of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, after the companies halted financial services to Wikileaks.

R – Oh BS. Baghdad Barrett was fronting for Wikileaks over a year ago, on several blogs at the same time. Anonymous has been affiliated with Wikileaks at least since the 2008 attacks by Anonymous against the Church of Scientology (it was Anonymous that released the CoS documents to Assange). As seen in the very first link of this post, Baghdad Barrett was lying on behalf of Wikileaks exactly a year ago.

Heidi Boghosian, the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild…

R – Yeah, it was a good editorial idea to save the statement from the commie frontgroup and terrorist supporting NLG until last in that article. If it had been first I’d have never read any further…

Today, Bradley Manning is the most dangerous man in America.” She said his treatment was designed to deter other whistleblowers…

R – No he isn’t. He’s a guest of the USMC brig at Quantico. He’s no danger at all, now. Manning isn’t a whistleblower either, he’s a spy, just like the Walker-Whitman ring, Robert Hanson, Clayton Lonetree, or Jonathan Pollard. And Manning is rightfully being treated exactly the same as all of them were.

“The National Lawyers Guild maintains that exposing crime is not illegal – it is moral,” she said.

R – So NLG will be releasing all of its internal documents, memo’s, and financial records from the entire Cold War era?

Files annotated by Mitrokhin claim that the group code-named RUPOR, which held its first meeting in Jamaica early in 1978, was “put together” by First Chief Directorate’s Directorate K (counterintelligence). The “Bulletin” was edited in Washington by a leading member of the National Lawyers Guild, code-named RUBY; the KGB; his wife, a journalist; another journalist, code-named ARSENIO…

R – Like the NLG information related to that earlier act of treason by Phillip Agee? Or not…

In the (very) meantime, Backtrace Security has a Public statement for the benefit of a grandiose heroin addicted narcissist whose reading comprehension is minimal…

Barrett Brown is a paranoid, drug addicted criminal whose only defense for his indefensible actions is to throw out a bunch of silly accusations and hope some of the mud sticks.

Have fun in prison, Mr Brown.


No Better Friend…

April 11, 2011

no worse enemy.

“We got a radio intercept yesterday,” Lt. Garcia said. “Some Talib leaders in Pakistan were chewing out the local fighters for quitting. The locals yelled back, ‘Marines run toward our bullets.’”

Article by Bing West

Hattip courtesy of Long War Journal and Bill Ardolino

Speaking of Marines, BabaTim over at FRI has another war-winner of a post up. As usual I respectfully demand that it be read by all who have eyes and can comprehend plain English…


Something New is in the Library

April 7, 2011

It just arrived yesterday, so no review yet, but the first three chapters are quite good.



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